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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 24: A Strong Friendship

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 24: A Strong Friendship

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Word List

  • block [blɒk] n.
    A block is a solid piece of wood, stone or ice.
    I saw a block of ice on the floor.
  • cheer [tʃɪə] v.
    To cheer is to give a loud shout of approval or encouragement.
    The crowd all cheered when the home team won.
  • complex [ˈkɒmplɛks] adj.
    If something is complex, it has many small parts. It is hard to understand.
    A jig-saw puzzle can be complex because it has so many pieces.
  • critic [ˈkrɪtɪk] n.
    A critic is someone who gives their opinions about movies, books, and plays.
    The wine critic tasted the wine so he could give his opinion.
  • event [ɪˈvɛnt] n.
    An event is something that happens, especially something important.
    Finishing high school was a major event in his life.
  • exercise [ˈɛksəsʌɪz] v.
    To exercise is to run or play sports so that you can be healthy.
    You should exercise every day.
  • fit [fɪt] v.
    If something fits, it is small enough or the right size to go there.
    The colorful eggs fit into the box.
  • friendship [ˈfrɛn(d)ʃɪp] n.
    Friendship is the relationship between people who are friends.
    Michael and Lisa have a very strong friendship with each other.
  • guide [ɡʌɪd] n.
    A guide is someone who shows you where to go.
    We followed a guide at the park.
  • lack [lak] n.
    If there is a lack of something, there is not enough of it.
    His only problem is a lack of money.
  • passage [ˈpasɪdʒ] n.
    A passage is a long area with walls that goes from one place to another.
    The long passage led us to the other side of the field.
  • perform [pəˈfɔːm] v.
    To perform is to do something in front of people who watch.
    He will perform a song for the class.
  • pressure [ˈprɛʃə] n.
    Pressure is what you apply to make someone do something.
    They put pressure on him to change his mind.
  • probable [ˈprɒbəb(ə)l] adj.
    If something is probable, it is likely to happen.
    It is probable that you will get a good grade if you study for the test.
  • public [ˈpʌblɪk] adj.
    If something is public, it is meant for everyone to use.
    I went to the public park to play with my friends.
  • strike [strʌɪk] v.
    To strike someone or something is to hit them.
    She struck the other girl in the face.
  • support [səˈpɔːt] v.
    To support something is to like it and help it be successful.
    Everyone at work supports the new plan.
  • task [tɑːsk] n.
    A task is work that someone has to do.
    Who has the task of building the brick wall?
  • term [təːm] n.
    A term is a word for something.
    I often use the term “oops” when I make a mistake.
  • unite [juːˈnʌɪt] v.
    To unite is to get together to do something.
    If we unite, we can finish our project faster.

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