Advanced Level Vocabulary Exercise – MCQ Test 20

Advanced Level Vocabulary Exercise - MCQ Test 20

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3 thoughts on “Advanced Level Vocabulary Exercise – MCQ Test 20”

  1. Hello, can you please help me understand the following sentence :

    It seems likely that, by the end of the week, the costs involved in the construction of the bridge ……………….. by the Ministry.

    Could you explain why the answer is – “will have been announced” and not “would be announced”?

  2. Hello!
    The phrase “it seems” is a clue showing us that it is a future action not past. So we can not use “would be announced” for a future action.

  3. Present simple “seems” together with “By the end of the week” refer to Future Perfect. It seems to me by the end of this year this road will have been reconstructed.


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