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English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers Advanced – 15

English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers Advanced - 15

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3 thoughts on “English Grammar MCQ Test With Answers Advanced – 15”

  1. Hello, I hope you can help me with my thoughts about some of the questions. For question 14, will be the option A sentence right if I change ” whereas ” to “even though”?

    Is “you’d” the contraction of “you would” or “you had” from the option A of question 19?

    Does ” it” in option A of question 20 refer to ” conducting classes on Saturday? I feel the meaning of the sentence will be clearer if I change ” it was” to ” ” they were” to refer to ” classes on Saturday”. Am I right?

    Sorry for so many questions!

  2. Question 14: Yes, if you replace ” whereas ” with “even though”, option A will be correct.

    Question 19: “you’d” = “you would”

    Question 20: “it” refers to “conducting classes on Saturday”. So there is no problem here.

  3. Question 20:

    Gladys Hadley: A Geography and French Teacher at the GHS up until 1966. She loved teaching and folks have told me that she was a very good and inspiring teacher. They say she had a knack of explaining things simply. I know she loved her ‘girls’ and some of her greatest thrills was the heightened expectancy of wanting to know how well her students had done at the Cambridge External exams. She did not fail to conduct classes on Saturday if she felt it was needed. She even took on students at home (free of charge) and provided tutoring when required.

    What is even more surprising (perhaps not) is how little attention she would bring to herself. Never once would I hear anything from her that she did this for that person or that this person owes everything to her. Stories would come from individuals in laters years and they thought that I would have known. But I did not!

    Even in Barbados in the latter part of her years, she tutored a young lady who may have had no chance but might be well on her way to becoming a Medical doctor.. There were several advantages for her in doing tutoring in her later years. It was very important for her to maintain mental alacrity as the rest of her body became ravaged by the ‘Golden Years’. Tutoring was one way while reading, doing crossword puzzles in the local paper and international papers like the “economist” was another way. It worked since she had her senses to the very end and that may or may not be a good thing.

    I not sure how many people knew what a brilliant pianist she was. That was the part that inspired me the most. In her final days in a Nursing home, I was able to play on an old piano some gentle and soothing piano music for her which I know she appreciated. She was buried in the same grave (her wish) as her husband CVD on Valentine’s day because as she said ‘there could never or would never be another man like him”.


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