Idioms Test 9

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If you find any mistakes in the questions or need an explanation of the correct answer, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We will immediately correct the mistake or try to explain the answer as much as possible.

7 thoughts on “Idioms Test 9”

  1. I found a mistake in the question #27 (Idioms Test 9)
    Cheap skate = who is a stingy person = someone who doesn’t spend much money!

  2. I find your website to be a very useful resource for English exercises.
    However, I would suggest that you reinforce your Quality Control function.
    I have found several grammatical errors in both the questions, as well as, the answers, for several different tests/exercises. And, in some cases, the ‘Correct’ answer indicated is not the best option. Thank you, in advance, for your attention to this matter. I look forward to using your website in the future.

    • Hello, Khalil! Thank you so much for your valuable comment. You are certainly right. Some of the errors are copy-paste/ticking errors by our editor, some are from questions themselves. Those errors are mostly in early tests we published here. The last tests we have been publishing hardly have such errors. So, please, when you encounter such mistakes, just let me know which test and which question has problem. Thus, I can correct them as soon as possible.

      Best Regards.

      • ETO,
        Thank you for your response. However, I am encountering such a high volume of errors, as I said, “in both the questions, as well as, the answers, for several different tests/exercises”, that it is too numerous to enumerate all of them. And, I’m sorry to say that the practice of, “copy-paste/ticking errors by [y]our editor”, is not an effective way to prepare exercises/tests for persons who may not familiar with the language, and will be exposed to faulty material.

  3. Just to follow-up on my previous comment of today [August 15, 2018 at 12:34am], the most recent exercise I have been using, “Idioms Test 9”, is Full of all manner of errors. Please review and revise this test. Thank you.

    • I have revised the first 20 questions of this tests one by one, and found no mistake at all. If you are sure that there are errors in this test. Then, please, tell me the question numbers and what is wrong with them.


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