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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 1 – Lesson 6 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 1 - Lesson 6 MCQ Test

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Lesson 6 – Three Rabbits


cut off = remove; cut away

The boy cut off his sister’s hair.
She cut off all her hair.
First, the cook cut off the fish’s head.

A: I want to eat this apple, but it looks rotten.
B: Just cut off the rotten part and eat the rest.

dash off = leave very quickly; run off; hurry

The rabbit dashed off into the forest.
He dashed off to deliver the message.
She dashed off because she was late.

A: Will May be gone for a long time?
B: No, she just dashed off to the store to buy some milk.

depend on = trust; rely on; count on; be dependent on

When they are young, the fish depend on their mother.
The blind man depended on his dog.
The old woman depended on her son.

A: I’ll drive you to the airport.
B: Please don’t forget! I’m depending on you.

die out = stop existing; disappear completely; become extinct

We must protect whales if we don’t want them to die out.
Mammoths died out a long time ago.
I wish all the mosquitoes would die out.

A: Why did the dinosaurs die out?
B: Because the weather got very cold.

differ from = be not the same as; be different from

Red and green apples differ from each other in taste.
My opinion differs from hers.
The new house differs from the old one in many ways.

A: How does this bicycle differ from the other one?
B: This one has a more comfortable seat.

dispose of = get rid of; throw out

It is dangerous to dispose of a lit cigarette in a garbage can.
Bill disposed of the old bottles.
The murderer tried to dispose of his knife.

A: This fruit is almost rotten.
B: Let’s dispose of it before it starts to smell bad.

do badly in = not be successful in; do poorly in

I always do badly in mathematics.
She did not study, so she did badly on her test.
The basketball player did badly in the game because of his injury.

A: Do you get good grades in school?
B: My grades are good except for history. I usually do badly in that class.

do one’s homework = do schoolwork outside of class (at home)

He is doing his homework.
I usually do my homework at the library.
He always does his homework before watching TV.

A: What are you going to do after school?
B: I am going to do my homework.

do one’s best = try hard; give one’s best

The teacher told him, “Just do your best!”
He did his best to stop the water.
Although I didn’t win, I was happy because I did my best.

A: I am not very good at math.
B: Don’t worry. Just study hard and do your best and you will do alright.

do well in = be successful in; do a good job

He does very well in school.
My sister always does well in math.
Bonnie did well in the race.

A: How can I do well in science class?
B: You should review your notes every day and make sure you do all your homework.

don’t mention it = There’s no need for thanks

When I thanked him for the gift. he said, “Don’t mention it!”
A: I appreciated the card you sent me.
B: Don’t mention it.
A: Thanks a lot.
B: Don’t mention it. I was glad to help.

A: Thanks for giving me a ride home.
B: Don’t mention it. I’m happy I could give you a ride.

dream of = wish or hope for; dream about

He often dreams of being big and strong.
The Wright brothers dreamed of making a flying machine.
Pinocchio dreamed of becoming a real boy.

A: In winter I like to dream of hot, sunny places.
B: Me too. I like hot weather more than cold weather.

drop by = go to see; pay a short visit; stop by

dropped by at 3:00, but you weren’t home.
My neighbor dropped by with an apple pie.
Eddie dropped by yesterday to say goodbye.

A: Can we go to the department store now?
B: Okay, but I have to drop by the bank first to get some money.

drop off = deliver something or leave someone somewhere

I have to drop off the package today.
My mother dropped me off at school on her way to work.
Laura dropped off the books at the library.

A: Where are you going?
B: I’m going to drop off my rollerblades at Sue’s house. She is going to use them tomorrow.

enjoy oneself = have a happy experience; have a good time; have fun

They always enjoy themselves.
We enjoyed ourselves at Disney World.
He enjoyed himself at the picnic.

A: Enjoy yourself on your vacation!
B: Thank you. I think it will be great!

fall in love with = develop strong romantic feelings (for)

fell in love with her the first time I saw her.
The young girls fell in love with the rock star.
Anthony fell in love with Cleopatra.

A: Does Wally like Sue?
B: Yes, he really likes her. He has fallen in love with her, and he wants to marry her.

far from = be a long way from a place

The house is far from the city.
He lives in a town, not far from his father.
The forest was not far from Athens.

A: Is your house far from the supermarket?
B: No it isn’t. It takes five minutes to walk there.

feel like = be inclined to; desire; want

feel like having a snack!
She feels like crying because she lost her job.
After the long walk, he felt like taking a shower.

A: Do you feel like watching a video tonight?
B: No, I feel like going bowling.

figure out = understand; solve; make out

You can use a calculator to figure out match problems.
figured out how to save money on my electric bill.
Oedipus figured out the answer to the riddle.

A: I can’t figure out where I put my glasses.
B: Look on your head!

fill (up) ~ with = make full; fill

Please fill up the glass with milk.
filled up the tank with gas.
We filled up the box with old pictures.

A: How much juice do you want?
B: I’m very thirsty. Please fill up my cup.


Long ago in Turkey, three rabbit brothers lived with their father and mother in a hole. The two older brothers did not always behave well and did badly in school. However, the youngest brother always listened to his parents and did his homework.

One day, their father said, “My sons, listen to me. You are all now old enough to care for yourselves. You must go out and dig your own holes. A rabbit’s hole is very important! Without the protection of our holes, we would probably die outDo your best to make the hole long and narrow. I hope that you will each do well in life and fall in love with nice girl rabbits. But don’t move too far from us. We want you to drop by often.”

The brothers tried to figure out where they should go. The first young rabbit said “I hate living in a hole! I feel like living in a little house near the field. I’ll go there and eat and enjoy myself” He found a box that someone disposed of. He made a door and two windows. It was a lovely little house.

Suddenly, the rabbit saw a fox and went into his house. When the fox saw the little house, he laughed. In a few seconds, the fox destroyed the house, caught the young rabbit, and ate him. His little house could not keep out a fox.

The second young rabbit also dreamed of living in a house. He told his brother, “I am going to build a house next to a large tree. I can depend on the tree’s roots to protect me.” Then the young rabbit dash off to build his house. He cut off a few branches from the tree to make the roof. He filled up the roots of the tree with leaves and grass. Soon he felt hungry, so he went to look for some food.

The same fox that ate his brother saw the young rabbit. The rabbit dashed off to his house. When he saw the house, the fox laughed. It was easy for him to catch the rabbit. The roots could not protect the rabbit.

The third young rabbit differed from his brothers. He listened to his father’s words and dug a long, narrow hole. The rabbit was safe. Later, his mother and father came to drop off some carrots. The little rabbit thanked his parents. His father said, “Don’t mention it.”

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