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Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 – Lesson 3 MCQ Test

Illustrated Everyday Expressions with Stories 2 - Lesson 3 MCQ Test

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Lesson 3 – On the highway


bring up = start to talk about something

I hate to bring it up, but some of the others said that there is something strange about you.
I hate to bring this up, but you have some food between your teeth.
When my mother is mad at me she always brings up the time I forgot her birthday.

A: I really don’t like the new coffee machine.
B: You should bring it up at the next staff meeting.

by all means = said to encourage a person do to something

May I have another piece? By all means!
“May I have some more chicken?” “By all means!”
By all means, take your time and look around the store.

A: Could I borrow your pen?
B: By all means!

by chance = not planned; luckily

They met, by chance, at the supermarket.
By chance, the first birthday card she read was from e brother.
They met by chance while they were both vacationing in Hawaii.

A: Where did you get your cat?
B: I found him by chance in the park.

carry on = continue

OK, now there’s nothing to see here. Please carry on with your day.
When the storm passed, we carried on painting the house.
When the announcement was finished, the class carried on with the lesson.

A: Is everyone back from lunch?
B: Yes. Let’s carry on with the meeting.

draw the line at = say some point is the limit

Son, isn’t there somewhere we should draw the line?
My parents let me use the car, but they draw the line at allowing me to take long trips.
I don’t mind sharing a room, but I draw the line at sleeping in the same bed.

A: Lets go to a nightclub.
B: OK, but I draw the line at doing disco!

fix up = repair; make nice or good again

It’s a good car, but you may need to fix it up a bit.
They fixed up the office by putting in new carpet and painting the walls.
It would cost more to fix up this old boat than to buy a new one.

A: I John going to buy a new house?
B: No, he s going to fix up his old one.

get lost = become confused about one’s location

The got lost in the snow storm.
We got lost on the way to the theater.
The directions were not clear, so we got lost.

A: Why are you late?
B: I got lost on the way.

high time = time for some action that has been postponed too long

It’s high time we got out of here!
I think it’s high time we fix the heater. I’m freezing!
My mother said it was high time that I got my hair cut and found a job.

A: It’s high time you cleaned your room!
B: Yes, Mom. I’ll do it right away.

lose one’s temper = become angry

Don’t make me lose my temper!
He lost his temper and hit the table with his fist.
It is dangerous to lose your temper while driving.

A: What happened to your hand?
B: I lost my temper and punched the wall!

pull over = move one’s vehicle to the side of the road and stop

Could you pull over? I need to use a washroom!
She pulled over to take a picture of the beautiful scenery by the highway.
The police officer yelled at the driver, “Pull over!”

A: I think we’re lost.
B: Let’s pull over and look at the map again.


Everybody knows that men hate to stop and ask for directions. My husband is no different. Every time we get lost, we drive around for hours before he finally pulls over and asks for help.

One Saturday we saw an ad in the newspaper for a country dance and picnic at a farm outside of town. We fixed up our old cowboy hats, cut out the map from the newspaper and started driving. After a few hours, I brought up the fact that we were lost. Of course my husband lost his temper when I suggested we ask someone for directions.

“I can find it!” he yelled.

I didn’t see any point in fighting about it, so I just told him, “By all meanscarry on.”

After another hour of driving, I decided it was high time to ask for help. By chance we passed a little gas station with an old man sitting out by the pumps. My husband agreed to stop because we needed gas, but he drew the line at asking for directions. I got out of the car and walked over to the old man. Before I asked him anything he smiled and said.

“The map is wrong. It’s Highway 23, not 32.”

“How did you know?” I asked in surprise.

“You’re the fifth woman whose husband has gotten lost in the last hour!”

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