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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 20 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 20 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 20: Mark Has a Surprise Visitor


Mark has a surprise when he comes back to his office to find Cindy waiting for him. Mark tells her they’re definitely finished and advises her to get over it. Ron sees Cindy and thinks she’s beautiful. Mark agrees to introduce Ron to Cindy.

Angela: Welcome back to the office, Mark. There’s a woman waiting outside your office, and she’s on the warpath.

Mark: It must be Cindy Hansen. Can you please tell her to leave?

Angela: Wishful thinking! I’m not doing your dirty work.

(Mark sees Cindy)

Mark: Hi, Cindy. What can I do for you?

Cindy: You had some nerve leaving the country without telling me!

Mark: I don’t need to tell you before I go away.

Cindy: It’s just common courtesy to let your girlfriend know when you’re going away.

Mark: You’re not my girlfriend anymore. Wake up and smell the coffee! Our relationship is ancient history.

Cindy: But I still love you!

Mark: You and I are finished. Get over it.

Cindy: I bent over backwards to get you information, and this is the thanks I get!

(Cindy runs out. Ron enters)

Ron: Welcome back, Mark. I just overheard* your lover’s spat. Who was that woman?

Mark: That was Cindy Hansen of Shop-Well.

Ron: She’s a knockout! If you’re not dating her anymore, can you set me up with her?

Mark: Sure. I think you two would be a match made in heaven.

* overhear – to hear something, usually without the speaker knowing it


  • on the warpath

 every angry

Example: The actress was on the warpath after a newspaper printed a false story about her love life.
Note: The warpath was originally the “path to war” taken by Native Americans when traveling to a battle.

  • wishful thinking

 thinking hopefully, not realistically, about something

Example: You think your two-year-old will become a genius by watching these DVDs? That’s wishful thinking!

  • (to) do one’s dirty work

 to do an unpleasant task for someone

Example: The president wanted to keep his image clean, so he had others do his dirty work for him.

  • (to) have some nerve

 to behave in a bold or disrespectful way

Example: Karen has some nerve telling me to clean up my desk. Her entire office is a mess!

  • common courtesy

 thoughtfulness; polite behavior

Example: It’s common courtesy to send a thank-you note after having a job interview.

  • Wake up and smell the coffee

 Be realistic

Example: You think your employees don’t surf the web during work hours? Wake up and smell the coffee!

  • ancient history

 the past; something that is finished

Example: The college football team lost every game last year, but that’s accient history now. With their new coach, they know they’ll do better this year.

  • (to) get over it

 to deal with the reality that something is finished; to recover from an upsetting event

Example: Tina was very upset when she lost the tennis tournament. “You’ll get over it,” her mother told her.

  • (to) bend over backwards

 to make a great effort for somebody

Example: No wonder Starbucks was voted one of the best places to work. They bend over backwards to keep their employees happy.

  • This is the thanks I get

 this is how you thank me for all I’ve done for you

Example: This is the thanks I get for spending six months training Rob. My company just fired me and put Rob in charge!

  • lover’s spat

 an argument between a couple

Example: When the president and his wife had a lover’s spat in public, it was in all the newspapers the next morning.

  • knockout

 a beautiful woman

Example: In Joel’s experience with online dating, many women look like knockouts in their photos, but aren’t so pretty in person.

  • (to) set someone up with someone

 to introduce someone to a friend or acquaintance for the purpose of dating

Example: I set Todd up with Melanie last year, and I just found out they’re getting married!

  • match made in heaven

 an ideal couple; a very good fit between two people or organizations

Example: Kathy loves sports, and her new boyfriend is a professional athlete. They’re a match made in heaven.

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