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More Speak English Like an American Lesson 3 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

More Speak English Like an American Lesson 3 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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Lesson 3: Mark and Cindy Chat On The Phone


Mark calls Cindy back to see if you can find out what Grand Foods is planning with their frozen Chinese meals. Cindy gives him some information, but tells him that if he wants more, they will need to meet.

Mark: Hi, Cindy. I was just wondering if you have any more information about Grand Foods.

Cindy: Mark, how are you?

Mark: Fine, but I don’t have time for small talk right now. I’ve got a meeting in five minutes.

Cindy: Well, let me get right to the point then. Grain Foods is planning to roll out two new products. Moo Shu Pork and Princess Chicken.

Mark: That’s interesting. What else can you tell me?

Cindy: They’re buying Fu Dong Foods, a food company in China.

Mark: Thanks. I’ll talk to you later.

Cindy: I’ve dug up more, too.

Mark: I’m all ears.

Cindy: It’s going to cost you!

Mark: What? Now you’re going to charge me for the information? You must be pulling my leg!

Cindy: I’m asking for money. I was just going to suggest that we get together.

Mark: Well, I guess I can swing by your office later.

Cindy: My office? Ha! I’m offering important information. The least you can do is take me out to dinner on Saturday night.

Mark: I’m booked solid this weekend.

Cindy: Okay, then, I guess I’ll just hang onto this information. It’s no skin off my nose.


  • small talk

 casual conversation

Example: I made some small talk with our company’s CEO at the holiday party.

  • (to) get right to the point

 to talk about what’s most important

Example: Let me get right to the point. If we don’t come up with a plan to increase our sales, we’re going to go out of business.

  • (to) roll out

 to introduce a new product, service, or program

Example: Starbucks announced plans to roll out a new line of coffee drinks.

  • (to) dig up

 to get information, especially secret and often negative information

Example: When the senator announced he would run for president of the United States, reporters worked hard to dig up information about his past.

  • I’m all ears

 I’m very interested in what you’re saying

Example: “Did you hear what happened to Liz on her date with that guy she met online?” – “No, tell me. I’m all ears!”

  • It’s going to cost you

 You’re going to have to do something for it

Example: You want me to help you with your science project? Okay, but it’s going to cost you!

  • (to) pull someone’s leg

 to joke

Example: Don told you we all have to work on Chrismas Day? Don’t listen to him. He’s just pulling your leg!

  • (to) swing by

 to go somewhere, usually for a short time

Example: If you’re going to be in my neighborhood tomorrow, please swing by and say hi.

  • The least you can do is

 you should feel obligated to do this; In exchange for what’s been given to you, you should do this

Example: Your sister visited you every day when you were in the hospital. The least you can do is call her on her birthday.

  • booked solid

 busy; having no availability

Example: Sorry, but Rajeev won’t be able to meet with you until next Friday. He’s booked solid until then.

  • (to) hang onto

 to keep; to not give out

Example: I was going to sell this antique vase on eBay, but then I decided to hang onto it instead.

  • It’s no skin off my nose

 It doesn’t matter to me; I’m not going to worry about it

Example: Heather didn’t invite me to her wedding, but it’s no skin off my nose. Now I won’t have to buy her a gift.
Note: You will also see the vaiations “it’s no skin off my back” and “it’s no skin off my teeth.”

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