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Speak English Around Town Lesson 20 Idioms, Proverbs, Expressions MCQ Test

Speak English Around Town Lesson 20 Idioms, Proverbs, Expressions MCQ Test

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LESSON 20 – Traveling by Car


Sara and Nick are taking a car trip. Nick has taken a wrong turn, and now they need to stop and ask for directions.

Sara: Do you think we can make it to Joe and Mary’s by 7?

Nick: I hope so. It’s only 5 o’clock now and we’ve only got about 120 miles left to go. We’re making good time.

Sara: Yes, but we still need to make a pit stop. Don’t you want to stop somewhere and grab a bite?

Nick: I guess so. Let’s look for a place we can turn off.

Sara: I just saw a sign that said Route 584 North. Aren’t we supposed to be on 80 East!

Nick: Yes. We must’ve taken a wrong turn somewhere.

Sara: I thought you said you knew these roads like the back of your hand. Did you doze off or what?

Nick: We’d better stop at a gas station and ask for directions.

(at the gas station)

Sara: Hi, we’re lost. Can you tell me the quickest way to get on 80 East?

Clerk: Hang a left out of the gas station. Hop on 35 South. Take it about 10 miles and you’ll see a sign for 80 East.

Sara: Thanks a lot.

(back in the car)

Nick: Did you get the directions?

Sara: Yes. Left out of here, then 35 South to 80 East.

Nick: Got it.

Sara: Careful! You almost hit a piece of tire in the road.

Nick: Please don’t be a backseat driver!

Sara: I try to bite my tongue, but sometimes I can’t help myself.


Language Lens: Phrases with “so”

To give a positive reply, use “so” instead of “yes” after: afraid, believe, guess, hope, suppose, and think.


Do NOT Say

I’m afraid so

I’m afraid yes

I believe so

I believe yes

I guess so

I guess yes

I hope so

I hope yes

I think so

I think yes

I suppose so

I suppose yes

“I’m afraid so” means “unfortunately, yes.”

Say “I guess so” or “I suppose so” to mean you are not too happy about doing something.

◼ “Did your team lose?” – “I’m afraid so.”
◼ “Do we have next Monday off?” – “I believe so.”
◼ “Should we invite Brad to the party?” – “I guess so.”
◼ “Don’t you think we’ll have good weather?” – “I hope so.”
◼ “Will it snow tonight?” – “I think so.”
◼ “Can I borrow the car on Friday night?” – “I suppose so.”


  • backseat driver

 a passenger who offers unwanted driving advice

Example: “You’re driving too close to the car in front ofus.” – “Don’t be a backseat driver!”

  • (to) bite one’s tongue

 to not say what one is really thinking; to resist saying something one wants to say

Example: Mary doesn’t like her husband’s snacking habits, but she tries to bite her tongue.

  • (to) doze off

 to fall asleep

Example: Matt stayed up so late doing his homework, he ended up dozing off in class.

  • got it

 I understand; do you understand

Example 1: “Take a right at the light and go three blocks. The restaurant will be on your right.” – “Got it.”

Example 2: “You can borrow my car, but bring it back by 9. Got it?” “Got it.”

  • (to) grab a bite

 to get something quick to eat

Example: Let’s meet at 7 o’clock and grab a bite before the concert.

  • (to) hang a left / a right

 to turn left / right

Example: Hang a right at the next stoplight and you’ll see the Whole Foods on your right.

  • (to) hop on

 to get on a road

Example: If you’re going downtown, hop on the highway. It’s the fastest way.

  • (to) know something like the back of one’s hand

 to know very well (said most often about streets or places)

Example: We don’t need to bring a map with us. I know Boston like the back of my hand.

  • (to) make a pit stop

 to make a quick stop, usually to use the bathroom or to get something to eat

Example: “Would you mind making a pit stop? After drinking so much coffee, I need to use the bathroom.”

  • (to) make good time

 to travel efficiently; to get somewhere in less time than expected

Example: It’s noon and we’re already in Pennsylvania? We’re making good time!

  • (to) take a wrong turn

 to turn where one shouldn’t have

Example: We were headed to Manhattan, but we took a wrong turn and ended up in Brooklyn.

  • (to) turn off

 to exit the highway

Example: I think we’re going the wrong way. Turn off here and we’ll check the map.

  • I can’t help myself

 I can’t stop myself; I can’t resist

Example: “Stop telling me how to drive!” -“Sorry, I can’t help myself.”

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