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Speak English Like an American Lesson 18 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

Speak English Like an American Lesson 18 Idioms and Expressions MCQ Test

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LESSON 18 – Everyone Bakes Cookies


Bob tells his family the cookies are selling well. He asks his kids to help bake more cookies for tomorrow. Nicole says she’s too busy to lend a hand.

Bob: The cookies are selling like hotcakes!

Ted: Way to go, Dad!

Bob: I need you kids to help out tonight with the cookies. We need another thousand by morning.

Nicole: One thousand by tomorrow morning? That’s impossible!

Ted: Amber and I will lend a hand. She’s a real night owl, so she won’t mind staying up late.

Bob: Nicole, we’ll need your help too.

Nicole: Bake cookies the night before the elections? Nothing doing!

Ted: Lighten upbig shot! You’re running for high school president, not President of the United States.

Nicole: Ted, you really get on my nerves sometimes.

Bob: Okay, kids, let’s stop fooling around. We need to get the show on the road!


  • big shot

 a powerful or important person

EXAMPLE 1: Martin has become a real big shot in Hollywood. This year he produced several movies.

EXAMPLE 2: Adam is a big shot in Silicon Valley. He started a very successful software company.

NOTE: This expression can also be used in the negative sense, to mean somebody who thinks they’re very important. Example: Now that she’s been promoted to vice president, Beth thinks she’s such a big shot!

  • (to) fool around

 to waste time, or spend it in a silly way

EXAMPLE 1: If we keep fooling around here, we’ll be late to the restaurant!

EXAMPLE 2: Stop fooling around! You’ve got lots of work to do.

NOTE: This expression also can mean to have casual sexual relations. Example: Steve and Tanya were fooling around in the back seat of the car when a policeman knocked on the window.

  • (to) get on one’s nerves

 to annoy or irritate someone

EXAMPLE 1: My neighbor’s dog barks all night. It really gets on my nerves.

EXAMPLE 2: Please stop whistling. It’s getting on my nerves!

SYNONYMS: to get under someone’s skin; to bug someone [slang]

  • (to) get the show on the road

 to start working; to begin an undertaking

EXAMPLE 1: We can’t afford to waste any more time — let’s get the show on the road!

EXAMPLE 2: Kids, let’s get the show on the road. We don’t want to be late for the movie!

  • (to) help out

 to give assistance; to help

EXAMPLE 1: Amber offered to help out in the kitchen by chopping nuts.

EXAMPLE 2: I’d be happy to help out by baking cookies for the picnic.

SYNONYM: to lend a hand

  • (to) lend a hand

 to help

EXAMPLE 1: When Amber saw Susan washing the cookie sheets, she offered to lend a hand.

EXAMPLE 2: Would you mind lending a hand in the garden? We need to finish planting these flowers before it starts raining.

  • (to) lighten up

 to stop taking things so seriously

EXAMPLE 1: Lighten up! I’m sure Ted was only joking when he said your guitar playing gave him a headache.

EXAMPLE 2: Don always takes his job so seriously. He needs to lighten up.

SYNONYMS: chill out [slang]; take it easy

  • night owl

 a person who enjoys being active late at night

EXAMPLE 1: Sara goes to sleep every night at 3 a.m. She’s a real night owl.

EXAMPLE 2: I never go to bed before midnight. I’m a night owl.

  • Nothing doing!

 Not a chance!

EXAMPLE 1: You want me to buy the Golden Gate Bridge from you for a million bucks? Nothing doing!

EXAMPLE 2: You want me to write your paper on Catherine the Great? Nothing doing!

SYNONYMS: No way! Not on your life!

  • (to) sell like hotcakes

 to sell fast; to be a popular item

EXAMPLE 1:  Those new Fubu blue jeans are selling like hotcakes. All the girls love them.

EXAMPLE 2: Stephen King’s new novel is selling like hotcakes.

  • (to) stay up

 not to go to bed; to stay awake

EXAMPLE 1: Ted and Amber stayed up all night talking about cookies.

EXAMPLE 2: Whenever I stay up late, I regret it the next morning.

  • Way to go!

 Good work!

EXAMPLE 1: You won $2,000 in the poetry writing contest? Way to go!

EXAMPLE 2: That was an interesting article you wrote. Way to go!

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