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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 13: The Farmer and the Cats

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 13: The Farmer and the Cats

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Word List

  • blood [blʌd] n. 

Blood is the red liquid in your body.

 I cut my finger and got blood on my shirt.

  • burn [bəːn] v. 

To burn something is to set it on fire.

 I burned some wood in the camp fire.

  • cell [sɛl] n. 

cell is a small room where a person is locked in.

 The jail cell was very small.

  • contain [kənˈteɪn] v. 

To contain something is to have it inside.

 The mailbox contained a letter.

  • correct [kəˈrɛkt] adj. 

To be correct is to be right.

 All of my answers on the test were correct.

  • crop [krɒp] n. 

crop is food that a farmer grows.

 Wheat is a crop that is made into bread.

  • demand [dɪˈmɑːnd] v. 

To demand something is to say strongly that you want it.

 The workers demanded to be paid more money.

  • equal [ˈiːkw(ə)l] adj. 

To be equal is to be the same.

 Both students are equal in age.

  • feed [fiːd] v. 

To feed is to give food.

 Mother feeds my baby brother everyday.

  • hole [həʊl] n. 

hole is an opening in something.

 The man was going to jump into the hole in the ice.

  • increase [ˈɪŋkriːs] v. 

To increase something is to make it larger or more.

 They’ve increased the price of gas by 15 cents!

  • lord [lɔːd] n. 

Long ago, a lord was a man in charge of a town.

 The lord of the town was not kind.

  • owe [əʊ] v. 

To owe is to have to pay or give back something received from another.

 I owed him twenty dollars, so I paid him back.

  • position [pəˈzɪʃ(ə)n] n. 

position is the way something is placed.

 How can you sit in that position?

  • raise [reɪz] v. 

To raise something is to lift it up.

 We had to work together to raise the last piece.

  • responsible [rɪˈspɒnsɪb(ə)l] adj. 

If a person is responsible, they do the right things.

 I try to be responsible and save money.

  • sight [sʌɪt] n. 

sight is something interesting to see.

 I saw the pyramids of Egypt. What a sight!

  • spot [spɒt] n. 

spot is a place where something happens.

 The kitchen is a good spot to eat meals.

  • structure [ˈstrʌktʃə] n. 

structure is a building.

 They just built a beautiful new structure downtown.

  • whole [həʊl] adj. 

Whole means all of something.

 I ate the whole pie. We don’t have any more.

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