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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 15: The Big Race

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 15: The Big Race

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Word List

  • across [əˈkrɒs] prep. 

To go across something is to go to the other side of it.

 He walked across the board to the other side.

  • breathe [briːð] v. 

To breathe means to let air go in and out of your body.

 We need strong healthy lungs to help us breathe well.

  • characteristic [karəktəˈrɪstɪk] n. 

characteristic is something that shows what a person or a thing is like.

 One characteristic of tigers is their black stripes.

  • consume [kənˈsjuːm] v. 

To consume something means to eat or drink it.

 Jack consumed a whole plate of spaghetti.

  • excite [ɪkˈsʌɪt] v. 

To excite someone means to make them happy and interested.

 I heard about the school dance on Friday. This excited me.

  • extreme [ɪkˈstriːm] adj. 

If something is extreme, it is in a large amount or degree.

 His workout was so extreme that he was sweating heavily.

  • fear [fɪə] n. 

Fear is the feeling of being afraid.

 I have a great fear of skateboarding.

  • fortunate [ˈfɔːtʃ(ə)nət] adj. 

If you are fortunate, you are lucky.

 I was fortunate to get a seat.

  • happen [ˈhap(ə)n] v. 

If someone happens to do something, they do it by chance.

 I happened to meet some new friends at school today.

  • length [lɛn(t)θ] n. 

The length of something is how long it is from one end to the other.

 The length of the floor is three meters.

  • mistake [mɪˈsteɪk] n. 

mistake is something you do wrong.

 My boss always yells at me when I make a mistake.

  • observe [əbˈzəːv] v. 

To observe something is to watch it.

 Brian observed the sun rising over the mountains.

  • opportunity [ɒpəˈtjuːnɪti] n. 

An opportunity is a chance to do something.

 I had an opportunity to take pictures in the jungle.

  • prize [prʌɪz] n. 

prize is something of value that is given to the winner.

 I won a prize for getting the best grade on my science test.

  • race [reɪs] n. 

race is a contest to see who is the fastest.

 Paul is a fast runner, so he easily won the race.

  • realize [ˈrɪəlʌɪz] v. 

To realize is to suddenly understand.

 After I left my house, I realized that I left the light on.

  • respond [rɪˈspɒnd] v. 

To respond is to give an answer to what someone else said.

 When the teacher asked the question, we all responded.

  • risk [rɪsk] n. 

risk is a chance of something bad happening.

 I took a risk and climbed the snowy mountain.

  • wonder [ˈwʌndə] v. 

To wonder is to ask yourself questions or have a need to know.

 The young mother wondered if she’d have a boy or a girl.

  • yet [jɛt] adv. 

Yet is used to say something has not happened up to now.

 We can’t go out yet; we’re still eating.

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