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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 18: The Little Red Chicken

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 18: The Little Red Chicken

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Word List

  • argue [ˈɑːɡjuː] v. 

To argue is to angrily speak to someone because you do not agree.

 We argued about where to go for dinner.

  • communicate [kəˈmjuːnɪkeɪt] v. 

To communicate is to give information by talking, writing, etc.

 I communicated with Paul about his new ideas.

  • crowd [kraʊd] n. 

crowd is a large group of people.

 A large crowd had gathered on the street to see the accident.

  • depend [dɪˈpɛnd] v. 

To depend on someone or something is to need them.

 Children depend on their parents for many things.

  • dish [dɪʃ] n. 

dish is a plate.

 She put a clean white dish on the table.

  • empty [ˈɛm(p)ti] adj. 

If something is empty, it does not have anything in it.

 My gas tank was almost empty, so I couldn’t drive my car very long.

  • exact [ɪɡˈzakt] adj. 

If something is exact, it is just the right amount.

 Please use the exact amount of sugar for the cake.

  • fresh [frɛʃ] adj. 

If something is fresh, it is new.

 I just bought these oranges. They are very fresh.

  • gather [ˈɡaðə] v. 

To gather is to collect several things usually from different places.

 Sam gathered some flowers for his mother.

  • indicate [ˈɪndɪkeɪt] v. 

To indicate means to show, point or make something clear.

 He pointed to his eyes to indicate where he had hurt himself.

  • item [ˈʌɪtəm] n. 

An item is a thing that you buy or sell.

 I have many items for school in my bag.

  • offer [ˈɒfə] v. 

To offer is to present someone with something.

 He offered me the keys to his car.

  • price [prʌɪs] n. 

The price of something is how much it costs.

 What is the price of this item?

  • product [ˈprɒdʌkt] n. 

product is something that is made.

 My sister has many beauty products in her room.

  • property [ˈprɒpəti] n. 

Property is something that someone owns.

 The house is now my property.

  • purchase [ˈpəːtʃɪs] v. 

To purchase something is to buy it.

 I recently purchased a new car.

  • recommend [rɛkəˈmɛnd] v. 

To recommend something is to say that someone should do it.

 My doctor recommended that I get some exercise.

  • select [sɪˈlɛkt] v. 

To select something is to choose it.

 I hope that I selected the right answers on the test.

  • tool [tuːl] n. 

tool is something that helps you do a task.

 We used a tool to fix the window.

  • treat [triːt] v. 

To treat is to act in a certain way toward someone.

 The cats treated the mouse very nicely.

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