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4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 19: Shipwrecked

4000 Essential English Words 1 Unit 19: Shipwrecked

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Word List

  • alive [əˈlʌɪv] adj. 

If someone or something is alive, they are not dead.

 My grandparents are still alive even though they are over 90.

  • bone [bəʊn] n. 

bone is a hard part of the body.

 I brought home a nice bone for my dog.

  • bother [ˈbɒðə] v. 

To bother is to make the effort to do something.

 No one bothered to wash the dishes today.

  • captain [ˈkaptɪn] n. 

captain is the person who leads a ship or airplane.

 The captain sailed his ship to Australia.

  • conclusion [kənˈkluːʒ(ə)n] n. 

The conclusion of something is the final part of it.

 At the conclusion of the race, the spectators cheered for the winner.

  • doubt [daʊt] n. 

Doubt is a feeling of not being sure.

 I have doubt that the story is true.

  • explore [ɪkˈsplɔː] v. 

To explore is to look for new places.

 He wants to explore the world and see new things.

  • foreign [ˈfɒrɪn] adj. 

If something is foreign, it is from a different country.

 Mexican food is a popular foreign food.

  • glad [ɡlæd] adj. 

If you are glad, you are happy.

 I am glad you came to my party.

  • however [haʊˈɛvə] adv. 

However means despite or not being influenced by something.

 She is a great cook. However, she never had professional lessons.

  • injustice [ɪnˈdʒʌstɪs] n. 

Injustice is a lack of fairness or justice.

 Putting an innocent person in jail is an act of injustice.

  • international [ɪntəˈnaʃ(ə)n(ə)l] adj. 

If something is international, it involves more than one country.

 The United Nations is a powerful international organization.

  • lawyer [ˈlɔːjə] n.

lawyer works with the law and represents people in court.

 The lawyer left the courthouse after the judge made her decision.

  • mention [ˈmɛnʃ(ə)n] v. 

To mention something is to talk about it.

 The doctors mentioned the problems that the patient was having.

  • policy [ˈpɒlɪsi] n. 

policy is a rule.

 He told us that his policy was to put customers first.

  • social [ˈsəʊʃ(ə)l] adj. 

If something is social, it is about many people in a community.

 People should come together and fix the world’s social problems.

  • speech [spiːtʃ] n. 

speech is something said to a group of people.

 She gave a speech to the class.

  • staff [stɑːf] n. 

staff is a group of people working together in a company.

 My dad has a staff of four people to help him at the office.

  • toward [təˈwɔːd] prep. 

If you go toward something, you go closer to it.

 Santa walked toward my house with a special tree.

  • wood [wʊd] n. 

Wood is the thing that trees are made of.

 I put the pieces of wood in a pile.

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