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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 2: The Fossil Hunters

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 2: The Fossil Hunters

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Word List

  • arduous [ˈɑːrdjʊəs] adj. 

When something is arduous, it demands great effort or labor.

 The explorers began their arduous hike up the steep mountain.

  • attain [əˈtein] v. 

To attain something means to gain or achieve it, often after a lot of effort.

 In two more years, I will attain my high school diploma.

  • coexist [ˈkouigˈzist] v. 

To coexist with something means to exist with it in the same time and place.

 Our pets coexist at our home with little or no problems.

  • conceive [kənˈsiːv] v. 

To conceive something means to be able to imagine or believe it.

 The child could not conceive the actual size of the Earth.

  • dubious [ˈdjuːbiəs] adj. 

When something or someone is dubious, they are not considered honest.

 The police thought that the man’s description of the crime was dubious.

  • ego [ˈiːgou] n. 

An ego is a person’s sense of their own worth.

 Kelly’s ego made her think that she was some kind of a superhero.

  • elastic [iˈlæstik] n. 

Elastic is a rubber that stretches when it is pulled.

 He attached the elastic bungee to his legs before he jumped off the platform.

  • endeavor [enˈdevər] n. 

An endeavor is an attempt to do something, especially something new or original.

 The company’s new advertising endeavor ended in a horrible failure.

  • engrave [inˈgreiv] v. 

To engrave means to cut a design or words into the surface of something.

 The couple engraved their names onto the old pine tree.

  • excavate [ˈekskəveit] v. 

To excavate means to dig on land and remove dirt to look for something.

 The team wishes to excavate the site in hopes of finding fossils.

  • jagged [ˈdʒӕgid] adj. 

When something is jagged, it has a tough, uneven shape or edge.

 The swimmer was hurt when he fell on the jagged rocks.

  • locale [louˈkæl] n. 

locale is a small area or place where something specific happens.

 The spa was the perfect locale for my mother to relax and enjoy her vacation.

  • mold [mould] n. 

mold is a hollow container that is used to make certain shapes.

 Using a cupcake mold will ensure that they come out just right.

  • outright [autˈrait] adj. 

When something is outright, it is open and direct.

 Everyone knew that the boy’s story was an outright lie.

  • periphery [pəˈrifəri] n. 

The periphery of an area, place, or thing is the edge of it.

 A beautiful floral pattern is on the periphery of the stationery.

  • plaster [ˈplæstər] n. 

Plaster is a smooth paste that gets hard when it dries.

 He used plaster to fill in the cracks in the old walls.

  • shovel [ˈʃʌvəl] n. 

shovel is a tool with a long handle that is used for digging.

 The boy grabbed his shovel and got all of the snow off of the sidewalk.

  • skeletal [ˈskelətl] adj. 

When something is skeletal, it relates to bones in the body.

 We studied the skeletal system in anatomy class.

  • terrestrial [təˈrestriəl] adj. 

If something is terrestrial, it relates to Earth.

 There are billions of terrestrial life forms.

  • vicious [ˈviʃəs] adj. 

When something or someone is vicious, they are violent and cruel.

 The vicious dog tried to bite the small child.

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