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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 30: The Demon’s Bridge

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 30: The Demon’s Bridge

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Word List

  • burden [ˈbəːrdn] n. 

burden is a serious or difficult responsibility.

 Children who do not behave are a burden to their parents.

  • compromise [ˈkɒmprəmaiz] v. 

To compromise is to agree to something that is not exactly what you want.

 We both compromised about the game we decided to play.

  • craft [kræft] v. 

To craft something is to make it using skill.

 She crafted the bookcase out of solid pine wood and then painted it.

  • crook [kruk] n. 

crook is someone who is not honest or who commits crimes.

 The manager was arrested by the police for being a crook.

  • currency [ˈkə:rənsi] n. 

Currency is the form of money used in a certain place.

 Elizabeth had to exchange her dollars for foreign currency.

  • enigma [iˈnigmə] n. 

An enigma is someone or something that is mysterious or hard to understand.

 The theft of the paintings is an enigma to the investigators.

  • fragile [ˈfrædʒəl] adj. 

When people or things are fragile, they are not strong and can be damaged easily.

 The fragile glassware was carefully packed into boxes.

  • hybrid [ˈhaibrid] n. 

hybrid is a mixture of different things or styles.

 In Greek mythology, a centaur is a hybrid of a man and a horse.

  • innocence [ˈinəsns] n. 

Innocence is a lack of experience of difficult or complex things in life.

 Everyone who met her found her innocence to be charming.

  • merge [məːrdʒ] v. 

To merge two things is to combine them into one whole thing.

 The storm clouds merged into one large menacing cloud that filled the sky.

  • moderate [ˈmɒdəreit] adj. 

When something is moderate, it is not too big or too small in size or amount.

 It takes a moderate amount of patience to be around small children all day.

  • overwhelm [ˌouvərhˈwelm] v. 

To overwhelm is to exist in such a large amount that someone cannot deal with it.

 The amount of homework her teacher assigned has overwhelmed her.

  • perception [pərˈsepʃən] n. 

perception of a situation is a way of thinking about it or understanding it.

 Since he couldn’t see, his perception of life was much different than mine.

  • reunion [riːˈjuːnjən] n. 

reunion is the meeting of people or things that have been separated.

 Every summer we have a family reunion at the lake.

  • rig [rig] v. 

To rig something means to dishonestly arrange it.

 The bad politician rigged the election so that he would win.

  • shiver [ˈʃivə:r] n. 

shiver is a shaking movement the body makes when someone is cold or scared.

 I got shivers on my way home because it was so cold.

  • sociable [ˈsouʃəbəl] adj. 

When someone is sociable, they are friendly.

 Many of my good friends are sociable, but I am shy.

  • talkative [ˈtɔːkətiv] adj. 

When someone is talkative, they talk a lot.

 My aunt is very talkative whenever she is on the phone.

  • tow [tou] v. 

To tow something is to pull it.

 The truck was towing a trailer behind it.

  • tramp [træmp] v. 

To tramp is to put your feet down in a loud, heavy way as you walk.

 The baby tramped across the floor as he was learning to walk.

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