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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 27: The First Organ Transplant

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 27: The First Organ Transplant

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Word List

  • adapt [əˈdæpt] v. 

To adapt means to change in order to deal with a new situation or addition.

 When he went to the new town, he had to adapt to all the weather changes.

  • biological [ˌbaiəˈlɒdʒikəl] adj. 

Biological describes the process of life and living things.

 In science, we learned about the biological process of bacterial growth.

  • cellular [ˈseljələr] adj. 

When something is cellular, it relates to the cells of animals or plants.

 She used a microscope to see the activity at a cellular level.

  • dynamic [daiˈnæmik] adj. 

When people are dynamic, they are lively and have creative ideas.

 The new, dynamic employee came up with a good way to juggle his work load.

  • fantasy [ˈfæntəzi] n. 

fantasy is a pleasant situation that people think about but is unlikely to happen.

 Becoming an astronaut is a fantasy shared by many children.

  • heredity [hiˈredəti] n. 

Heredity is the process of passing on features from parents to children.

 The boy’s face is similar to his father’s because of heredity.

  • internal [inˈtəːrnl] adj. 

When something is internal, it exists or happens inside a person, object, or place.

 We removed the outer case to reveal the computer’s internal wires.

  • minimal [ˈminəməl] adj. 

When something is minimal, it is very small.

 My lazy husband does a minimal amount of work around the house.

  • pioneer [paiəˈniər] 

pioneer is a person who is the first to discover or be involved in something.

 He was a pioneer of computer programming.

  • prescribe [priˈskraib] v. 

To prescribe medicine means to tell someone to take it.

 When I was sick, the doctor prescribed me flu medicine.

  • respective [risˈpektiv] adj. 

When things are respective, they relate separately to each person just mentioned.

 The boxers were told to return to their respective corners.

  • revive [riˈvaiv] v. 

To revive someone or something means to restore health or life to them.

 She revived the feeling of warmth in her leg by rubbing it softly.

  • rigid [ˈridʒid] adj. 

When rules or systems are rigid, they are severe because they cannot be changed.

 Societies often have rigid rules about the way that people are supposed to act.

  • sequence [ˈsiːkwəns] n. 

sequence is a number of events or things that come one after another.

 The dominos fell in a sequence of one after another.

  • substitute [ˈsʌbstitjuːt] v. 

To substitute something or someone means to have them take the place of another.

 When I ran out of juice, I had to substitute water to drink in the morning.

  • surgeon [ˈsəːrdʒən] n. 

surgeon is a doctor who is trained to do surgery.

 The surgeon operated on the old man’s heart.

  • therapy [ˈθerəpi] n. 

Therapy is treatment for a particular physical or mental illness or condition.

 After she broke her legs, she used physical therapy to learn how to walk again.

  • transfer [ˈtrænsfə:r] v. 

To transfer something means to move it from one place to another.

 The family transferred the groceries from the shopping cart to the car.

  • transition [trænˈziʃən] n. 

transition is a process where there is a change from one form to another.

 The weather gets colder during the transition from summer to autumn.

  • transplant [trænsˈplænt] n. 

transplant is an operation in which a damaged part of one’s body is replaced.

 The sick child needed a heart transplant to live.

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