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4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 26: Cosmo’s Flight

4000 Essential English Words 5 Unit 26: Cosmo’s Flight

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Word List

  • behalf [biˈhæf] n. 

If something is done on one’s behalf, it is done for that person by another.

 The original speaker was sick, so his son gave the speech on his behalf.

  • flap [flæp] v. 

To flap means to move quickly up and down or from side to side.

 The tiny bird flapped its wings and ate from the flowers.

  • glacier [ˈgleiʃər] n. 

glacier is a large piece of ice that moves very slowly.

 The North Pole is covered by a huge glacier.

  • globe [gloub] n. 

The globe refers to the Earth.

 Water covers most of the globe.

  • horizontal [ˌhɔ:rəˈzɒntl] adj. 

When something is horizontal, it is flat and level with the ground.

 The Russian flag has three horizontal stripes of white, blue, and red.

  • hum [hʌm] v. 

To hum means to make a low, continuous noise.

 The man hummed his favorite song.

  • inventory [ˈinvənˌtɔ:ri] n. 

An inventory is a supply of something.

 Gwen was checking the inventory to make sure we had what we needed.

  • inward [ˈinwərd] adj. 

If a thought or feeling is inward, it is not expressed or shown to others.

 She had an inward feeling of guilt when she lied to her mother.

  • loaf [louf] n. 

loaf of bread is bread shaped and baked in one piece.

 Could you please buy a loaf of bread for sandwiches?

  • oracle [ˈɔ(:)rəkəl] n. 

An oracle is person who speaks with gods and gives advice about the future.

 The king went to the oracle to ask if going to war was a good idea.

  • orbit [ˈɔːrbit] v. 

To orbit something means to move around it in a continuous, curving path.

 The moon orbits the Earth.

  • overview [ˈouvərvjuː] n. 

An overview is a general description of a situation.

 My brother gave me an overview of the important parts of the book.

  • preview [ˈpriːvjuː] n. 

preview is an opportunity to see something before it is available to the public.

 The band played us a preview of their new song.

  • previous [ˈpriːviəs] adj. 

If something is previous, then it happened earlier in time or order.

 He turned back to the previous page to read the paragraph again.

  • provide [prəˈvaid] v. 

To provide something means to supply it.

 Each student was provided with a test and three sharp pencils.

  • recur [riˈkəːr] v. 

To recur means to happen more than once.

 Burglaries seem to recur over and over in our neighborhood.

  • relevant [ˈreləvənt] adj. 

When something is relevant, it is important to a certain person or situation.

 The thirty-year-old book about politics is still relevant to our society today.

  • rite [rait] n. 

rite is a traditional ceremony carried out by a particular group or society.

 Special masks are worn during the rite when a new baby is born.

  • stall [stɔːl] v. 

To stall means to stop a process and continue it at a later time.

 If you give the car a push, it won’t stall.

  • supernatural [ˌsuːpərˈnætʃərəl] adj. 

If something is supernatural, it is not real or explainable by natural law.

 The dragon had supernatural powers such as flying and breathing fire.

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