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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 3: The Boy and his Sled

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 3: The Boy and his Sled

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Word List

  • alley [ˈælɪ] n. 

An alley is a narrow road behind houses or buildings.

 The alley behind my house looks dirty.

  • ax [ӕks] n. 

An ax is a tool used to cut wood.

 She used an ax to cut some wood for the fire.

  • bunch [bʌntʃ] n. 

bunch is a group of the same things.

 She was hungry, so she ate the entire bunch of grapes.

  • chore [tʃɔːr] n. 

chore is a job that you have to do but don’t like.

 It’s Nikki’s chore to do the dishes every Tuesday and Wednesday night.

  • decent [ˈdiːsənt] adj. 

When something is decent, it is OK or good enough.

 Eric did a decent job painting the fence.

  • disgrace [dɪsˈgreɪs] n. 

Disgrace is a feeling of shame.

 He felt a sense of disgrace after failing his big exam.

  • elbow [ˈelbou] n. 

The elbow is the middle part of a person’s arm that lets you bend it.

 She pointed to her elbow to show me where she hurt herself.

  • grateful [ˈgreɪtfəl] adj. 

When you are grateful for something, you are happy that it happened.

 The girls were grateful to have a chance to spend time with their grandfather.

  • irritate [ˈɪrəteɪt] v. 

To irritate means to annoy someone.

 She was irritated when her brother told her that he had lost her camera.

  • kid [kid] v. 

To kid is to make a joke to make someone believe something which is not true.

 I am not really mad. I was kidding when I said I was angry.

  • loose [luːs] adj. 

When something is loose, it is not held in place well.

 The bolt was loose, so I tightened it with the wrench.

  • offend [əˈfend] v. 

To offend someone means to make them angry or upset.

 They were both offended by what they had said to each other.

  • overnight [ouvərnait] adv. 

When something happens overnight, it happens during the night.

 The campers stayed in the tent overnight.

  • persist [pə:rsɪst] v. 

To persist means to keep doing something even when it is hard.

 Even though the lesson was difficult, he persisted until he understood.

  • pine [paɪn] n. 

pine is a type of tree that is tall and thin.

 There were many beautiful pine trees in the forest.

  • scar [skɑːr] n. 

scar is a mark on the skin after a wound heals.

 The monster had horrible scars on his cheek and forehead.

  • sensation [senˈseɪʃən] n. 

sensation is a feeling a person gets from their senses.

 Mom got a painful sensation in her head from the loud noise.

  • sled [sled] n. 

sled is a small vehicle that you use on snow.

 Marvin likes to ride his sled down the hill in winter.

  • tease [tiːz] v. 

To tease someone means to laugh at or make fun of them.

 Jake teased Charlie because he was the new student.

  • valentine [ˈvæləntaɪn] n. 

valentine is someone you love or admire with great affection.

 Harry wanted Molly to be his valentine.

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