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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 6: The Senator and the Worm

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 6: The Senator and the Worm

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Word List

  • alert [əˈləːrt] 

To alert someone is to tell or warn them about something.

 The fire alarm alerted us that there was a problem.

  • broadcast [ˈbrɔ:dkæst] n. 

broadcast is a television or radio show.

 We watched the broadcast of the local news on TV.

  • bulletin [ˈbulətin] n. 

bulletin is a news report that talks about very recent and important events.

 There was a live bulletin reporting on the economy of the city.

  • bump [bʌmp] n. 

bump is a small raised area on a surface.

 The monkey got a bump on his head because he was hit by a rock.

  • chop [tʃɒp] v. 

To chop something means to cut it into pieces with a tool.

 Mom chopped some vegetables to put into the stew.

  • closet [ˈklɒzɪt] n. 

closet is a small room used to store things.

 Marie has many clothes inside o f her closet.

  • console [kənˈsoul] v. 

To console someone who is sad means to make them comforted.

 When my dog ran away, my dad consoled me.

  • district [ˈdɪstrɪkt] n. 

district is a small part of a city, county, state, or country.

 I live in a residential district of Seattle, Washington.

  • drawer [ˈdrɔːər] n. 

drawer is a small part in furniture that is used to store things.

 I put my clothes into the empty drawers.

  • endure [enˈdjuər] v. 

To endure something tough means to do or go through it.

 She had to endure her husband shouting all day long.

  • execute [ˈeksɪkjuːt] v. 

To execute someone means to kill them as a legal punishment.

 Some people are executed for serious crimes.

  • grasp [græsp] v. 

To grasp something means to hold it.

 He grasped the bag o f money tightly.

  • rear [rɪə:r] n. 

When something is in the rear of something, it is in the back.

 The man loaded the rear of his truck with boxes.

  • senator [ˈsenətər] n. 

senator is someone who makes laws for a state.

 The young senator promised to make laws that would help the people.

  • skull [skʌl] n. 

skull is the hard part of your head. Your brain is inside of it.

 The brain is protected by the skull.

  • stir [stəːr] v. 

To stir something means to mix it using something small, like a spoon.

 Mom stirred the batter until it was smooth.

  • tap [tæp] v. 

To tap something is to hit it lightly.

 He tapped the keys of the keyboard to write a short word.

  • tremendous [triˈmendəs] adj. 

When something is tremendous, it is very large.

 The Earth’s oceans are filled with a tremendous amount of water.

  • underneath [ˈʌndərniːθ] prep. 

When something is underneath something else, it is below or lower than it.

 The roots of a tree are located underneath the ground.

  • worm [wəːrm] n. 

worm is a small animal with a long, thin body.

 Worms are often used to help catch fish.

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