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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 9: Dalton vs. the Bully

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 9: Dalton vs. the Bully

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Word List

  • ail [eɪl] v. 

To ail a person or group is to cause difficulty or pain.

 My brother went to the doctor to see what was ailing him.

  • ally [ˈælaɪ] n. 

An ally is someone who agrees to help or support you.

 I was happy to find many allies who shared the same opinion as me.

  • boast [boust] v. 

To boast is to talk about how good you are.

 We all became tired o f listening to him boast about him self all day.

  • bounce [bauns] v. 

To bounce is to move something up and away from a surface after hitting it.

 Owen bounced the ball on the ground.

  • bully [ˈbulɪ] n. 

bully is a person who is mean to others.

 The two bullies always picked on the smaller, weaker kids.

  • carbohydrate [ˈkɑːrbouˈhaɪdreɪt] n. 

Carbohydrates are substances in foods like bread that give you energy.

 Carbohydrates like rice are a good source o f energy for active people.

  • crawl [krɔːl] v. 

To crawl is to move slowly on your hands and knees.

 The baby crawled across the floor.

  • defeat [dɪˈfiːt] v. 

To defeat someone is to beat them in a game or battle.

 The champion defeated the challenger in the boxing match.

  • dial [ˈdaɪəl] n. 

dial is the front of a clock.

 I looked at the dial to see what time it was.

  • dominant [ˈdɒmənənt] adj. 

When someone or something is dominant, they are stronger than others.

 The gorilla is one o f the dominant animals in the jungle.

  • mercy [ˈməːrsi] n. 

If you show mercy, you choose not to punish or harm someone.

 He asked his boss for mercy and to not fire him.

  • nod [nɒd] v. 

To nod is to move your head up and down.

 I nodded my head as I listened to the song.

  • opponent [əˈpounənt] n. 

An opponent is someone who fights against you.

 On the field, our opponents were too good for us.

  • quarrel [ˈkwɔ:rəl] v. 

To quarrel is to argue or fight.

 Billy quarreled with his wife about buying a new house.

  • rival [ˈraɪvəl] n. 

rival is someone that is trying to keep you from getting what you want.

 The three rivals were all competing for the same job.

  • sore [sɔːr] adj. 

When a part of your body is sore, it hurts.

 After lifting the heavy box, Mona’s back was sore.

  • sting [stɪŋ] v. 

To sting is to cause pain by pushing a sharp part into the skin.

 The needle stung my arm and made me say, “ Ouch!”

  • strain [streɪn] v. 

To strain is to try very hard.

 Casey strained to lift the heavy box.

  • torture [ˈtɔːrtʃə:r] n. 

Torture is something that causes you physical or mental pain.

 Greg thought that writing the essay was torture.

  • wrestle [ˈresəl] v. 

To wrestle is to play a game where you try to push someone to the floor.

 My dad loved to wrestle when he was in high school.

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