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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 10: Anna the Babysitter

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 10: Anna the Babysitter

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Word List

  • absence [ˈæbsəns] n. 

Absence is the state of something being away.

 There is an absence of sand in the hourglass.

  • aloud [əˈlaud] adv. 

If you say something aloud, you say it so that others can hear you.

 My father often reads stories aloud to me and my sister.

  • bald [bɔːld] adj. 

If someone is bald, they have no hair.

 My oldest brother is bald.

  • blanket [ˈblæŋkɪt] n. 

blanket is a piece of cloth that you use to keep warm or to sit upon.

 I laid a blanket on the ground so that we could have a picnic.

  • creep [kriːp] v. 

To creep is to move quietly and slowly.

 The cat slowly crept down the tree.

  • divorce [dɪˈvɔːrs] n. 

Divorce is an event in which a marriage is ended.

 Divorce rates have increased in the past twenty years.

  • imitate [ˈɪmɪteɪt] v. 

To imitate someone is to do exactly what they do.

 He imitated his favorite superhero by putting on a costume.

  • infant [ˈɪnfənt] n. 

An infant is a baby.

 The infant cried all night.

  • kidnap [ˈkɪdnæp] v. 

To kidnap someone is to take them illegally.

 She was terrified to find out her son was kidnapped.

  • nap [næp] n. 

nap is a short sleep, usually during the day.

 I took a short nap because I stayed up late last night.

  • nowhere [ˈnouhwɛə:r] adv. 

You use nowhere to say that a place or thing does not exist.

 Unfortunately, water was nowhere to be found.

  • pat [pæt] v. 

To pat something is to hit it softly with your hand.

 I patted some lotion onto my face.

  • relief [rɪˈliːf] n. 

Relief is a feeling you get when something bad or challenging ends.

 I felt a sense of relief when I heard the good news.

  • reproduce [riːprəˈdjuːs] v. 

To reproduce is to make something exactly how someone else did it.

 The children tried to reproduce their house using toy blocks.

  • rhyme [raɪm] n. 

To rhyme is to have the same sounds at the end of a word.

 Humpty Dumpty is an old rhyme that children learn in school.

  • suck [sʌk] v. 

To suck is to put something in your mouth and try to get flavor out of it.

 The baby sucked milk from her bottle.

  • urgent [ˈəːrdʒənt] adj. 

If something is urgent, it is important and needs to be done now.

 He had to leave now; it was urgent.

  • vanish [ˈvænɪʃ] v. 

To vanish is to go away suddenly.

 All the passengers vanished from the train station.

  • wagon [ˈwæɡən] n. 

wagon is a cart you use to carry heavy things.

 He used his wagon to carry some of his gifts.

  • wrinkle [ˈrɪŋkəl] n. 

wrinkle is a line on a person’s face that happens as they get old.

 My grandfather has some wrinkles on his face.

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