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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 12: The Ice Cream Cone Explosion

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 12: The Ice Cream Cone Explosion

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Word List

  • anticipate [ӕnˈtisəpeit] v. 

To anticipate something is to think that it will happen.

 Carrie anticipated the arrival of her baby.

  • barrel [ˈbærəl] n. 

barrel is a round thing that you can keep liquids in.

 There was an empty barrel outside the house.

  • beam [biːm] n. 

beam is a heavy bar.

 Modern skyscrapers are made with several beams.

  • casual [ˈkæʒjuəl] adj. 

If something is casual, it is relaxed or simple.

 You can wear casual clothes to the party like jeans.

  • caution [ˈkɔːʃən] n. 

Caution is care and attention in order to avoid danger.

 Please use the power saw with caution. It is very dangerous.

  • contrary [ˈkɒntrərɪ] adj. 

If something is contrary to something else, it is the opposite.

 It isn’t warm outside at all. On the contrary, it is quite cold.

  • deliberate [dɪˈlɪbərɪt] adj. 

If you are deliberate, you do something on purpose.

 Bernie made a deliberate attempt to injure Andy.

  • dissolve [dɪˈzɒlv] v. 

To dissolve something is to mix it into a liquid and disappear.

 I dissolved the pill in a glass o f water.

  • explode [ɪksˈploud] v. 

When something explodes, it blows up.

 My new radio exploded when I plugged it in.

  • fasten [ˈfæsn] v. 

To fasten something is to close it or put it in the correct place.

 Elizabeth fastened her seat belt.

  • germ [dʒəːrm] n. 

germ is something that makes you sick.

 Germs are on everything that you touch.

  • kit [kit] n. 

kit is a set of all the things needed to do something.

 Is there a first aid kit in your office?

  • puff [pʌf] n. 

puff is a little bit of smoke or steam.

 A puff of smoke came from the burnt match.

  • rag [ræg] n. 

rag is a small towel.

 Please use a rag to clean the dust o ff the table.

  • scatter [ˈskætə:r] v. 

To scatter something is to make it go in many places.

 I accidentally scattered all of my pills.

  • scent [sent] n. 

scent is a smell.

 Julie enjoyed the scent of the flowers.

  • steel [sti:l] n. 

Steel is a shiny gray metal.

 The new apartment building was made with steel.

  • swift [swift] adj. 

If something is swift, it is fast.

 The swift horse easily jumped over the hurdle.

  • toss [tɔ:s] v. 

If you toss something, you throw it softly.

 He tossed a coin into the air.

  • triumph [ˈtraɪəmf] n. 

Triumph is what you feel when you win or finish something.

 He raised the award in triumph at the end of his speech.

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