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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 13: Sheriff Dan

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 13: Sheriff Dan

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Word List

  • aboard [əˈbɔːrd] prep. 

When someone is aboard a ship or plane, they are on or in it.

 They climbed aboard the kayak and paddled through the river.

  • bitter [ˈbɪtər] adj. 

When a person is bitter, they are upset with someone or a situation.

 He was extremely bitter when his computer crashed.

  • bullet [ˈbulit] n. 

bullet is a small metal object that is shot out of guns.

 Bullets come in different sizes for different guns.

  • devil [ˈdevl] n. 

The devil is a powerful evil spirit in some religions.

 The church promised protection from the devil.

  • drift [drɪft] v. 

To drift means to be moved slowly by wind or water.

 The large chunk of ice drifted in the water.

  • enforce [enˈfɔːrs] v. 

To enforce means to make a person follow a rule.

 Police enforce traffic laws to keep everyone safe.

  • fountain [ˈfauntɪn] n. 

fountain is a source of water made by people.

 There was a beautiful fountain in the middle of the park.

  • harbor [ˈhaːrbər] n. 

harbor is an area of water along a shore where boats land.

 There were a few small boats in the harbor.

  • inhabit [ɪnˈhæbɪt] v. 

To inhabit means to live in a certain place.

 No one inhabits the ancient city.

  • march [mɑːrtʃ] v. 

To march means to walk at a steady pace together with others.

 The soldiers marched in straight rows.

  • millionaire [mɪljənɛər] n. 

millionaire is a person who has at least a million dollars.

 He became a millionaire because he was smart with his money.

  • port [pɔːrt] n. 

port is a place where ships stop to load and unload things.

 The ship was being loaded with materials at the port.

  • sheriff [ˈʃerɪf] n. 

sheriff is a police officer who is in charge of a large area.

 It was the sheriff’s job to make the city safe.

  • startle [ˈstɑːrtl] v. 

To startle means to scare someone suddenly.

 The loud crash startled the sleeping woman.

  • sweat [swet] v. 

To sweat means to lose liquid from the body through the skin.

 Whenever I workout, I sweat quite a bit.

  • trigger [ˈtrɪgə:r] n. 

trigger is the part of the gun that a person pulls to make it fire.

 The man had his finger on the trigger of the gun.

  • unify [ˈjuːnəfaɪ] v. 

To unify means to bring people or things together.

 With their good deeds, the children tried to unify the world.

  • vessel [ˈvesəl] n. 

vessel is a large ship or boat.

 We toured the area aboard a luxury vessel.

  • voyage [ˈvɔidʒ] n. 

voyage is a long journey made on a boat or an aircraft.

 The astronauts took off on a long voyage to the moon.

  • worship [ˈwəːrʃip] v. 

To worship means to like and honor a person, thing, or religious figure.

 Many people around the world worship in a church.

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