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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 15: Why Monkey Has No Home

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 15: Why Monkey Has No Home

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Word List

  • affair [əˈfɛər] n. 

An affair is an event or a thing that happened.

 My wife and I attended a formal affair over the weekend.

  • assembly [əˈsemblɪ] n. 

An assembly is a group that is together for the same reason.

 The students had an assembly to talk about their interests.

  • bless [bles] v. 

To bless is to ask God for protection or help.

 The angel blessed the newborn baby to keep it safe.

  • cereal [ˈsɪərɪəl] n. 

Cereal is a food that you mix with milk and eat for breakfast.

 Cereal is a fast and common breakfast food enjoyed in the U.S.

  • cheerful [ˈtʃɪəfəl] adj. 

If someone is cheerful, they are happy or feel good.

 The children were cheerful because they didn’t have to go to school.

  • diameter [daɪˈæmɪtər] n. 

The diameter of a round thing is the length across its center.

 The diameter o f the tree was about 22 centimeters.

  • exploit [ˈiksplɔɪt] v. 

To exploit something is to use it for greedy reasons rather than good reason.

 The company exploits their workers and makes them stay 12 hours a day.

  • famine [ˈfæmɪn] n. 

famine is a long time with little or no food.

 The farmers couldn’t grow any food on the dry soil, so there was a famime.

  • harvest [ˈhɑːrvɪst] n. 

harvest is the act of collecting food from farming.

 They had a lot of wheat from the last harvest.

  • merry [ˈmerɪ] adj. 

If someone is merry, they are very happy.

 They felt merry because the weather was great.

  • nut [nʌt] n. 

nut is a hard seed or fruit that comes from some trees and bushes.

 To eat a nut, first you have to crack its shell.

  • pardon [ˈpɑːrdn] v. 

To pardon is a way to ask someone to repeat what was said before.

 Pardon me teacher, but could you repeat what you just said?

  • pharaoh [ˈfɛərou] n. 

pharaoh was a king in ancient Egypt.

 The pharaohs ruled Egypt for thousands of years.

  • ripe [raɪp] adj. 

When a fruit is ripe, it is ready to be eaten.

 The cherries were nice and ripe.

  • roast [roust] v. 

To roast something is to cook it in an oven or over a fire.

 Mom roasted a turkey for the holiday dinner.

  • routine [ruːˈtiːn] n. 

routine is a way of doing things that is the same every time.

 My father’s daily routine includes shaving right before breakfast.

  • scheme [skiːm] n. 

scheme is a plan or design.

 Mickey and Minnie came up with a scheme to solve the problem.

  • slim [slim] adj. 

If something or someone is slim, they are thin.

 Look at my new cell phone. It’s very slim.

  • stove [stouv] n. 

stove is a device used to cook food.

 Our new stove helps us to cook food much faster than before.

  • theft [θeft] n. 

theft is a criminal act that involves someone stealing something.

 The theft of his TV took place when he was at work.

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