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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 17: The Magic Cup

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 17: The Magic Cup

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Word List

  • affection [əˈfekʃən] n. 

Affection is a feeling of liking someone or something.

 Amanda has a lot of affection for her little sister Sarah.

  • agency [ˈeɪdʒənsɪ] n. 

An agency is a business or service set up to act for others.

 I went to a travel agency to help me arrange a flight home.

  • ash [æʃ] n. 

Ash is the grey or black powder created when something is burned.

 The end of his cigar was full of ashes.

  • confine [kənˈfaɪn] v. 

To confine something is to keep it in one place.

 The elephant is confined to a cage in the zoo.

  • dismiss [dɪsˈmɪs] v. 

To dismiss something is to say it is not important.

 He quickly dismissed my idea about a new project.

  • erupt [ɪˈrʌpt] v. 

To erupt is for a volcano or something to shoot a hot substance.

 The volcano erupted for the first time in ten years.

  • fate [feɪt] n. 

Fate is a power that causes some things to happen.

 Some people believe that a person’s hand can tell their fate.

  • lava [ˈlɑːvə] n. 

Lava is the hot substance made of melted rock that shoots from volcanoes.

 The red hot lava poured from the volcano.

  • miserable [ˈmɪzərəbəl] adj. 

If someone is miserable, they are very unhappy.

 He was miserable after his dog died.

  • navigate [ˈnævəgeɪt] v. 

To navigate something is to control the way it moves or goes.

 She navigated the ship across the ocean.

  • originate [əˈrɪdʒəneɪt] v. 

To originate somewhere is to start there.

 The idea of democracy originated in Ancient Greece.

  • remainder [rɪˈmeɪndə:r] n. 

The remainder of something is what is left.

 He took a bite of the apple, then gave me the remainder of it.

  • retrieve [rɪˈtriːv] v. 

To retrieve something is to find it and get it back.

 She retrieved her mail from the mail box.

  • shallow [ˈʃælou] adj. 

If something is shallow, it is not deep.

 The kids were playing in the shallow water.

  • slope [sloup] n. 

slope is ground that is not flat.

 The slope to the top of the mountain was very steep.

  • span [spæn] v. 

To span a length of time is to last that long.

 His work began in 1999. It has spanned many years since then.

  • superstition [suːpərstiʃən] n. 

superstition is something magical that people believe is real.

 It is a superstition that Friday the 13th is an unlucky day.

  • sympathy [ˈsɪmpəθɪ] n. 

Sympathy is a feeling of being sad for another person.

 I felt sympathy for my sister so I got her a balloon to cheer her up.

  • vibrate [vaɪˈbreɪt] v. 

To vibrate is to shake very hard.

 The machine made his whole body vibrate as he broke up the ground.

  • wander [ˈwɒndə:r] v. 

To wander is to walk without going to a certain place.

 The boys like to wander in the woods and look at birds.

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