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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 14: The Helpful Apprentice

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 14: The Helpful Apprentice

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Word List

  • apprentice [əˈprentɪs] n. 

An apprentice is a person who learns how to do a job from a skilled person.

 Mark is an apprentice chef at the restaurant.

  • assure [əˈʃuər] v. 

To assure someone is to tell them something is true to make them less worried.

 He assured the boss that the building would be done on time.

  • bandage [ˈbændɪdʒ] n. 

bandage is a piece of cloth used to stop bleeding.

 If you cut yourself, please get a bandage from the first-aid kit.

  • bleed [bliːd] v. 

To bleed is to lose blood.

 If you are not careful, you will cut your finger and bleed.

  • bond [bɔnd] v. 

To bond with someone is to become friends with them.

 The women bonded after several hours of conversation.

  • chef [ʃef] n. 

chef is a person who cooks in a restaurant.

 Tom is a chef at the restaurant near my house.

  • crown [kraun] n. 

crown is the hat worn by a king or queen.

 The crown is made of gold.

  • departure [dɪˈpɑːrtʃər] n. 

departure is the act of leaving a place.

 They were excited about their departure back home.

  • diligent [ˈdɪlədʒənt] adj. 

If someone is diligent, they work hard and are careful.

 Craig has always been a very diligent person at work.

  • emperor [ˈempərər] n. 

An emperor is the leader of a group of countries.

 The emperor Julius Caesar was in control o f ancient Rome.

  • fiber [ˈfaibər] n. 

Fiber is a thread of a substance used to make clothes or rope.

 The mat was made from tiny fibers.

  • horrible [ˈhɔ:rəbəl] adj. 

If something is horrible, it is very bad.

 The assignment was horrible. I hated it.

  • impolite [impəˈlait] adj. 

If someone is impolite, they are rude.

 Roger is im polite to everyone he meets.

  • kneel [niːl] v. 

To kneel is to put one or both knees on the ground.

 Daryl got down on one knee and asked Nina to marry him.

  • luxury [ˈlʌkʃərɪ] n. 

luxury is an expensive thing that you do not need.

 We stayed at a luxury resort for our honeymoon.

  • massive [ˈmæsɪv] adj. 

If something is massive, it is very big.

 The wheels on his truck were massive.

  • panic [ˈpænɪk] v. 

To panic is to feel so nervous or afraid that you cannot think clearly.

 Everyone panicked when the house caught on fire.

  • priority [praɪɔ(:)rətɪ] n. 

priority is something that is more important than other things.

 My priority is to get good grades in school.

  • robe [roub] n. 

robe is a long, loose piece of clothing.

 Many people wear robes in the morning.

  • scold [skould] v. 

To scold means to criticize one angrily because they have done wrong.

 Jesse was scolded by the teacher for not paying attention.

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