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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 18: The Knight’s Plan

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 18: The Knight’s Plan

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Word List

  • armor [ˈaːrmər] n. 

Armor is metal worn by soldiers to protect the body.

 The soldier wore armor to protect his body.

  • blaze [bleɪz] v. 

To blaze means to burn brightly or powerfully.

 The small fire soon blazed into a large dangerous one.

  • boom [buːm] v. 

To boom means to make a loud, deep sound.

 The firecrackers made a loud boom when they exploded.

  • cliff [klɪf] n. 

cliff is a high and often flat wall of rock.

 The wolf stood at the cliff and howled.

  • flame [fleɪm] n. 

flame is part of fire.

 The torch was filled with yellow and orange flames.

  • independence [indiˈpendənt] adj. 

Independence is the state of being free from the control of others.

 After leaving home, Sophia had a great feeling of independence.

  • invasion [ɪnˈveɪʒən] n. 

An invasion is an attack by a group from another country.

 In Korea, walls were built around cities to protect them from invasions.

  • knight [nait] n. 

knight is a soldier of high rank and skill who usually serves a king.

 He was the best soldier, so the king made him a knight.

  • lightning [ˈlaɪtnɪŋ] n. 

Lightning is the bright light seen during a storm.

 The lightning flashed above the water.

  • rebel [ˈrebəl] n. 

rebel is a person who fights the government in order to change it.

 The rebel had enough of the government’s unfair polices.

  • retreat [rɪˈtriːt] v. 

To retreat means to run away because you have been beaten in a fight.

 The army retreated because they were losing the battle.

  • revolution [revəˈluːʃən] n. 

revolution is a change to the political system by a group of people.

 The revolution in Russia led to the creation of the Soviet Union.

  • spear [spɪə:r] n. 

spear is a long stick with a blade on one end that is used as a weapon.

 The soldier was holding a spear in his hand.

  • steep [stiːp] adj. 

If something is steep, then its slope or angle rises or falls sharply.

 He rode his bike up the steep hill to reach the top.

  • summit [ˈsʌmɪt] n. 

summit is the highest part of a hill or mountain.

 Snow covered the summit of the mountain even during the summer.

  • thunder [ˈθʌndə:r] n. 

Thunder is the loud noise heard during a storm.

 The sound of the thunder startled me.

  • troops [truːps] n. 

Troops are soldiers that fight in groups in a battle.

 The troops were all prepared to go into battle.

  • warrior [ˈwɔ(:)riə:r] n. 

warrior is a brave soldier or fighter.

 The samurai were some of the most skilled warriors in the ancient world.

  • withdraw [wɪθˈdrɔː] v. 

To withdraw means to leave a place, usually during war.

 After losing the battle, the enemy withdrew back to its own country.

  • yield [jiːld] v. 

To yield something means to give up control of it or to give it away.

 He had to yield his turn because he was in checkmate.

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