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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 21: The Old Man with a Bump

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 21: The Old Man with a Bump

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Word List

  • accustomed [əˈkʌstəmd] adj. 

When you become accustomed to something, you are in the habit of it.

 Grandfather is accustomed to reading the newspaper every morning.

  • affirm [əˈfəːrm] v. 

To affirm is to say that something is true.

 Using a graph, Malcolm affirmed the success o f the company.

  • astonished [əstɒnɪʃt] adj. 

If someone is astonished, they are very surprised or shocked.

 I was astonished when he pulled the live rabbit out of his hat.

  • bang [æŋ] v. 

To bang is to hit something to make a noise.

 The drummer banged on his drum as he marched in the parade.

  • clan [klæn] n. 

clan is a group of relatives or friends.

 The Lee clan meets every year to celebrate the New Year.

  • dim [dɪm] adj. 

When something is dim, it does not give out much light.

 Working in a dim room is bad for your eyes.

  • emphasis 

Emphasis is special attention or importance.

 The students put special emphasis on chapter 4 because it will be on the test.

  • fable [ˈfeibəl] n. 

fable is a short story that teaches a lesson.

 In the fable about the tortoise and the hare, the lesson is consistency.

  • feast [fiːst] n. 

feast is a large meal for many people.

 At Thanksgiving, I enjoy a wonderful feast with my family.

  • glow [glou] v. 

To glow is to make a soft light.

 The small flame glowed softly.

  • hollow [ˈhɒlou] adj. 

When something is hollow, it has an empty space inside.

 Straws are hollow, so liquid can flow through them.

  • instinct [ɪnstɪŋkt] n. 

Instinct is the natural way that people behave without thinking about it.

 Cats hunt mice because of instinct.

  • joint [dʒɔɪnt] n. 

joint is a place of the body where the bones meet, such as the knee.

 Two important bones in your leg meet at a join t in your knee.

  • leak [liːk] v. 

To leak is to let a liquid or gas pass through a flaw.

 The pipe leaks from many places.

  • physician [fɪzɪʃən] n. 

physician is a doctor.

 The physician said I would feel better if I took my medicine.

  • sacrifice [ˈsækrəfaɪs] v. 

To sacrifice something valuable is to give it up to get something else.

 Her parents sacrificed a lot of money in order for her to go to college.

  • stiff [stɪf] adj. 

When something is stiff, it is hard to move.

 The bird was standing on the tree’s s tiff branch.

  • stroke [strouk] v. 

To stroke is to move a hand over something or someone.

 She stroked her cheek to see if there was something on it.

  • tragic [ˈtrædʒɪk] adj. 

When something is tragic, it is connected with death and suffering.

 The airplane crashed in a tragic accident.

  • tune [tjuːn] n. 

tune is a song.

 The students played a familiar tune for the audience.

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