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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 22: The Circus

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 22: The Circus

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Word List

  • accommodate [əˈkɒmədeɪt] v. 

To accommodate is to have enough room.

 The meeting room can accommodate nine people.

  • circus [ˈsəːrkəs] n. 

circus is a traveling show with animals and people.

 I like to go to the circus to see the animals do tricks.

  • coincide [kouinˈsaid] v. 

If two things coincide, they happen at the same time.

 My birthday coincides with Christmas.

  • commission [kəˈmɪʃən] v. 

To commission someone to do something is to pay them to do it.

 The artist was commissioned to create a picture.

  • dose [dous] n. 

dose is a certain amount of medicine that you take at one time.

 My mother gave me a dose of medicine before I went to bed.

  • dye [daɪ] v. 

To dye something is to make it a certain color by using a special chemical.

 Valery got her hair dyed at the salon yesterday.

  • extent [ɪksˈtent] n. 

The extent of something is how large, important, or serious it is.

 He ate to such an extent that he became overweight.

  • gender [ˈdʒendər] n. 

Gender is a category that describes being either a boy or a girl.

 Do you know the gender of her new baby?

  • headline [ˈhedlaɪn] n. 

headline is the title of a newspaper story.

 The headline on the front page was about the economy.

  • informal [ɪnˈfɔːrməl] adj. 

When something is informal, it is not official.

 They had an informal meeting to talk about their experiences.

  • inquire [ɪnˈkwaɪər] v. 

To inquire about something is to ask about it.

 Dad called to inquire about the price of tickets for the show.

  • messenger [ˈmesəndʒər] n. 

messenger is one who carries information from one place to another.

 The messenger delivered an important document to the office.

  • peer [pɪər] v. 

To peer at something is to watch it carefully.

 She peered at people through the window.

  • portrait [ˈpɔːrtrɪt] n. 

portrait is a painting or photograph of someone.

 I saw many religious portraits when I went to the museum.

  • pose [pouz] v. 

To pose is to stay in one place without moving.

 The kids and their dog posed for a picture.

  • ranch [ræntʃ] n. 

ranch is a large farm where animals are kept.

 My uncle has many horses on his ranch.

  • steer [stɪə:r] v. 

To steer something is to control where it goes.

 He steered the go-cart around the track.

  • stripe [straɪp] n. 

stripe is a thick line.

 The flag of the United States has red and white stripes.

  • tame [teɪm] adj. 

When an animal is tame, it is not afraid to be near people.

 The tame bird rested on his hand.

  • tempt [tempt] v. 

To tempt people is to offer them something they want but shouldn’t have.

 I wasn’t hungry, but she tempted me with a piece of my favorite cake.

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