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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 23: Lazy Hans

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 23: Lazy Hans

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Word List

  • Aborigine [ӕbəˈridʒəni:] n. 

An Aborigine is a native of Australia before Europeans lived there.

 The Aborigines created beautiful artwork.

  • ban [bæn] v. 

To ban something is to not let people do it.

 Smoking is banned in this building.

  • cautious [ˈkɔːʃəs] adj. 

If you are cautious, you are careful in a dangerous situation.

 Be very cautious as you stack those boxes.

  • confess [kənˈfes] v. 

To confess something is to say that you did it.

 He confessed that he was responsible for choosing the winning story.

  • cottage [ˈkɒtɪdʒ] n. 

cottage is a small, old house in the countryside.

 My aunt lives in a pretty cottage in the mountains.

  • daytime [ˈdeɪtaɪm] n. 

Daytime is the time of the day when the sky is light.

 I only allowed my kids to play outside in the daytime.

  • desperate [ˈdespərɪt] adj. 

If you are desperate, you will try anything to do or change something.

 I’m desperate to find a new job.

  • fade [feɪd] v. 

If something fades, it gets quieter or darker.

 The piece of cloth I found was old and faded.

  • fierce [fɪərs] adj. 

If a person or animal is fierce, they are angry or violent.

 Wolves are fierce animals. Do not disturb them.

  • gamble [ˈgæmbəl] v. 

To gamble means to play a game that involves winning or losing money.

 Many people like to go to casinos to gamble.

  • lawn [lɔːn] n. 

lawn is an area covered in grass.

 My dad keeps the lawn in front of our house very neat.

  • mow [mou] v. 

To mow grass is to cut it to make it very short.

 I mow our lawn every weekend.

  • outlaw [ˈautlɔː] n. 

An outlaw is a criminal who hides from the police.

 The police passed out posters of the outlaw to all the people.

  • prospect [ˈprɒspekt] n. 

prospect is a possibility that something will happen.

 He wakes up every morning with the prospect of having a good day.

  • purse [pəːrs] n. 

purse is a bag where women keep money, makeup and keys.

 My sister likes to buy designer purses.

  • rod [rɔd] n. 

rod is a thin stick made of wood or metal.

 I bought a new fishing rod to use while on vacation.

  • seldom [ˈseldəm] adv. 

If something seldom happens, it doesn’t happen very often.

 It seldom rains in southern Arizona.

  • shave [ʃeɪv] v. 

To shave means to cut the hairs on your face with a sharp tool.

 My father shaves his face every day because he doesn’t want a beard.

  • terrified [ˈterəfaid] adj. 

If you are terrified, you are extremely scared.

 When I saw the ghost, I was absolutely terrified!

  • wizard [ˈwɪzə:rd] n. 

wizard is a man who can do magic.

 The wizard made gold fall from the sky.

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