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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 26: Everyone is Special

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 26: Everyone is Special

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Word List

  • alter [ˈɔ:ltər] v. 

To alter something means to make a small change to it.

 I altered the color of my nails to match my hair.

  • aside [əˈsaɪd] adv. 

If someone stands aside, they are on or to one side.

 The man stood aside and opened the door for me.

  • autumn [ˈɔːtəm] n. 

Autumn is the season of the year between summer and winter.

 I love when the leaves fall in autumn because I can play in them.

  • blend [blend] v. 

To blend is to mix two or more things together so that they become one thing.

 My wife blended together all of the ingredients to make a delicious stew.

  • collapse [kəˈlæps] v. 

To collapse is to fall down suddenly.

 The tree collapsed right in front of our house.

  • crush [krʌʃ] v. 

To crush something is to press it together so its shape is destroyed.

 Selena’s new car was crushed when something fell on top of it.

  • curve [kəːrv] v. 

To curve is to move in a line that bends and does not go straight.

 The road curves to the left and to the right.

  • disgusting [dɪsˈgʌstɪŋ] adj. 

If something is disgusting, it is very unpleasant.

 After running all day, Greg’s feet had a disgusting odor.

  • drain [dreɪn] n. 

drain is a pipe that carries away water from a building, such as in a kitchen.

 The water in the sink goes down the drain as you wash your hands.

  • embrace [ɪmˈbreɪs] v. 

To embrace is to hug.

 When they saw each other again, the happy couple embraced.

  • envy [ˈenvɪ] v. 

To envy someone is to wish that you had something that they have.

 Sally envied the happy couple.

  • fireworks [ˈfaɪərwəːrks] n. 

Fireworks are objects that create colored lights when they are lit.

 The display of fireworks was so beautiful.

  • flour [ˈflauər] n. 

Flour is a powder made from plants that is used to make foods like bread.

 I wanted to bake a pie, but I needed flour.

  • fuse [fjuːz] n. 

fuse is a string that you light on fireworks to make them explode.

 The boy litthe fuse on the rocket and waited for it to burst in the sky.

  • ginger [ˈdʒɪndʒər] n. 

Ginger is a spice from the root of a plant. It tastes spicy and sweet.

 Ginger is a common ingredient in many dishes from India.

  • jealous [ˈdʒeləs] adj. 

If you are jealous, you think someone might take something from you.

 Miriam was jealous because Sue was paying too much attention to Jim .

  • paste [peɪst] n. 

paste is a thick and smooth substance.

 My son needed some paste for a school project.

  • receipt [rɪˈsiːt] n. 

receipt is a paper that proves that something was received or bought.

 After looking at my receipt, I realized that I had spent too much money.

  • wipe [waip] v. 

To wipe something is to slide a piece of cloth over it to clean it.

 She wiped the dust from the windows.

  • wire [ˈwaɪə:r] n. 

wire is a thin string made out of metal.

 The wires were connected to towers that brought electricity to the city.

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