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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 25: How Did Greenland Get Its Name?

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 25: How Did Greenland Get Its Name?

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Word List

  • circulate [ˈsəːrkjəleit] v. 

To circulate something is to spread it quickly.

 The fan helped to circulate cool air through the room.

  • consequent [ˈkɒnsɪkwənt] adj. 

Consequent means happening because of a different situation.

 Her consequent rash came after she touched the poison ivy.

  • derive [dɪˈraɪv] v. 

To derive something from another source means to get it from that thing.

 Red’s nickname was derived from the color of her hair.

  • drown [draun] v. 

To drown is to die from not being able to breathe underwater.

 He would have drowned if the sailors would not have rescued him.

  • dynasty [ˈdainəstɪ] n. 

dynasty is a series of rulers who are all from the same family.

 The ancient Egyptians had a dynasty that lasted for many years.

  • fraction [ˈfrækʃən] n. 

fraction is a small part of something.

 Only a fraction of the cake was gone.

  • frost [frɔ:st] n. 

Frost is a white layer of ice that forms during very cold weather.

 In the morning, the trees were all covered with frost.

  • illusion [ɪˈluːʒən] n. 

An illusion is something that looks real, but doesn’t actually exist.

 Some pictures create an illusion for the eyes.

  • invade [ɪnˈveɪd] v. 

To invade is to take over a place by force.

 The enemy forces tried to invade our country through the air.

  • lieutenant [luːˈtenənt] n. 

lieutenant is a rank in the military or police, or a person with that rank.

 The lieutenant was a good leader, and his soldiers respected him.

  • marine [məˈriːn] adj. 

The word marine describes something related to the sea.

 A healthy ocean is full of marine animals.

  • merit [ˈmerɪt] n. 

The merit of something or someone is their good qualities.

 The actor received an award for his merits in the movie.

  • navy [ˈneɪvɪ] n. 

navy is the part of a country’s military that fights at sea.

 My country is known for our strong navy.

  • polar [ˈpoulər] adj. 

Polar relates to the cold places on Earth’s north and south ends.

 Only a few people live in the Earth’s northern polar region.

  • ray [reɪ] n. 

ray is a line of light that comes from a bright object.

 The sun’s warm rays covered the beach.

  • resign [rɪˈzaɪn] v. 

To resign means to quit a job.

 After I officially resigned from work, I said goodbye to my boss.

  • suicide [ˈsuːəsaid] n. 

Suicide is the act of killing oneself.

 Some people feel so sad that they think suicide is the only answer.

  • tremble [ˈtrembəl] v. 

To tremble is to shake as a result of cold weather.

 Harry was not used to the cold, so he trembled most of the day.

  • underlying [ˈʌndərlaɪɪŋ] adj. 

When something is underlying, it is a hidden cause of something else.

 Her underlying fear of flying reduced her traveling options.

  • via [vi:ə] prep. 

To travel via something means to travel through or using something.

 We arrived in the city from the airport via the train.

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