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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 24: The Bremen Town Musicians

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 24: The Bremen Town Musicians

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Word List

  • baggage [ˈbægɪdʒ] n. 

Baggage is the set of bags that people take with them when they travel.

 I’m taking several pieces of baggage with me on vacation.

  • bulb [bʌlb] n. 

bulb is the glass part of an electric light.

 I had to change the light bulb in my bedroom.

  • bundle [ˈbʌndl] n. 

bundle is a number of things that are tied together.

 I was shocked when he showed me a bundle of money.

  • cattle [ˈkætl] n. 

Cattle are cows and bulls, especially on a farm.

 The rancher’s cattle were eating the grass in the field.

  • flee [fliː] v. 

To flee means to run away from trouble or danger.

 The crowd of men tried to flee from the danger.

  • graze [greɪz] v. 

To graze means to eat grass.

 The cows grazed in the field.

  • greed [griːd] n. 

Greed is a desire to have more than the things that you need.

 She ate all the cookies out of her greed.

  • herd [həːrd] n. 

herd is a large group of the same type of animals that live together.

 The herd of cows moved slowly across the ranch.

  • initiate [ɪˈnɪʃɪeɪt] v. 

To initiate something means to start it.

 You have to turn the switch on to initiate the computer system.

  • lane [leɪn] n. 

lane is a small road.

 The lane passes directly in front of our house.

  • nerve [nəːrv] n. 

Nerve is bravery or the belief that you can do something.

 He has the nerve to think that he can actually wrestle with a lion.

  • optimist [ˈɔptəmɪst] n. 

An optimist is somebody who sees the good parts of a situation.

 Even though he has physical problems, my brother is an optimist.

  • parade [pəˈreɪd] n. 

parade is a celebration when groups of people walk in the same direction.

 There were many marching bands in the spring parade.

  • pave [peɪv] v. 

To pave the ground is to lay material on it to make it easier to walk or drive on.

 The path was paved with yellow bricks.

  • phantom [ˈfæntəm] n. 

phantom is a ghost or spirit.

 A scary phantom appeared from out of the darkness.

  • portable [ˈpɔːrtəbəl] adj. 

Something that is portable is able to be moved or carried easily.

 Since computers are portable, people can use them anywhere.

  • poster [ˈpoustər] n. 

poster is a written announcement that is used to advertise something.

 I saw a poster about a free concert in the park.

  • scratch [ˈskrætʃ] v. 

To scratch is to make small cuts with a claw or fingernail.

 I used a stick to scratch my back.

  • symphony [ˈsɪmfənɪ] n. 

symphony is a long piece of music performed by many musicians.

 Alex, a violin player, has always dreamt of playing a symphony.

  • widow [ˈwɪdou] n. 

widow is a woman whose husband has died.

 The widow had no children and was very lonely.

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