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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 28: The Boy Who Saved the Town

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 28: The Boy Who Saved the Town

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Word List

  • ache [eɪk] v. 

If something aches, it hurts.

 Mindy’s head ached because she bumped it against the wall.

  • arctic [ˈɑːrktɪk] adj. 

If something is arctic, it is from far north near the North Pole.

 It is cold when the arctic winds blow.

  • canal [kəˈnæl] n. 

canal is a path for water to travel through.

 The city of Venice, Italy, has many canals.

  • chemist [ˈkemɪst] n. 

chemist is a scientist who works with chemicals.

 My mother is a successful chemist who helps invent new products.

  • chill [tʃɪl] n. 

chill is a feeling of cold.

 The chill from the cold wind made Bill shiver.

  • congress [ˈkɔŋgris] n. 

Congress is a group of leaders in a government.

 Congress makes laws for people to follow.

  • dairy [ˈdɛərɪ] adj. 

If something is dairy, it is made from milk.

 Things like milk and cheese are dairy foods.

  • descend [dɪˈsend] v. 

To descend is to go downward.

 I descended the stairs to get out of the building.

  • grocer [ˈgrousər] n. 

grocer is a person who sells food.

 Our grocer, Mr. Smith, is a very kind man.

  • hesitate [ˈhezəteɪt] v. 

To hesitate is to wait for a short time before doing something.

 He hesitated for a moment before he decided which choice to make.

  • institution [ɪnstəˈtjuːʃən] n. 

An institution is an organization that works to help a city or group of people.

 Banks are vital institutions that businesses and people use every day.

  • jog [dʒɔg] v. 

To jog is to run slowly.

 He jogs every day so he can be healthier.

  • merchant [ˈməːrtʃənt] n. 

merchant is a person who sells things.

 The merchant was selling used cars.

  • poke [pouk] v. 

To poke something is to push it with your finger.

 I poked my finger on a thumb tack.

  • postpone [poustˈpoun] v. 

To postpone something is to make it happen later than planned.

 They postponed the meeting until Elena arrived.

  • splash [splæʃ] v. 

When a liquid splashes, it bursts and hits something.

 Some green paint splashed upon the floor.

  • stubborn [ˈstʌbə:rn] adj. 

If people are stubborn, they don’t change their minds easily.

 Both of my parents are stubborn. They never give in to each other.

  • suburb [ˈsʌbəːrb] n. 

suburb is a small part of a large city.

 I grew up in the suburbs only a few minutes outside of the city.

  • tide [taɪd] n. 

The tide is the level of the water in the sea.

 The tide continued to crawl upon the beach little by little.

  • tragedy [ˈtrædʒədɪ] n. 

tragedy is a very sad event.

 It was a tragedy when his house was struck by lightning and burned.

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