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4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 30: The Kitten and the Caterpillar

4000 Essential English Words 3 Unit 30: The Kitten and the Caterpillar

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Word List

  • appliance [əˈplaɪəns] n. 

An appliance is a piece of equipment used for jobs in the home.

 Many homes have appliances like ovens, toasters and refrigerators.

  • basin [ˈbeɪsən] n. 

basin is large bowl for washing things. A sink is sometimes called a basin.

 She filled the basin with water and washed her face.

  • broom [bruːm] n. 

broom is a brush with a long handle used for cleaning floors.

 My father usually uses a broom to sweep away dust in the basement.

  • caterpillar [ˈkætərpɪlər] n. 

caterpillar is a small insect that looks like a worm and eats plants.

 After eating a lot of leaves, caterpillars change into butterflies.

  • cupboard [ˈkʌbərd] n. 

cupboard is a piece of furniture that is used to store food or household items.

 We put all of our dishes and food in the cupboards.

  • delicate [ˈdeləkɪt] adj. 

If something or someone is delicate, they are easy to break or harm.

 You should hold the baby carefully because she’s very delicate.

  • emerge [ɪˈməːrdʒ] v. 

To emerge from something means to come out of it.

 The hand suddenly emerged from the grave.

  • handicap [ˈhændɪkæp] n. 

handicap is a condition that limits someone’s mental or physical abilities.

 Joe has a slight handicap, so he uses a walker to get around.

  • hook [huk] n. 

hook is a sharp curved piece of metal used for catching or holding things.

 The fish went after the sharp hook.

  • hop [hɔp] v. 

To hop means to jump a short distance.

 The kangaroo quickly hopped away from danger.

  • laundry [ˈlɔːndrɪ] n. 

Laundry is clothes that have been or need to be washed.

 He folded the clean laundry and put the dirty laundry in a basket.

  • pursue [pərjuː] v. 

To pursue someone or something is to chase or follow them.

 The mother pursued her young child down the hill.

  • reluctant [rɪˈlʌktənt] adj. 

If someone is reluctant, they do not want to do something.

 She was reluctant to eat the meager breakfast.

  • sleeve [sliːv] n. 

Sleeves are the part of a shirt where your arms go.

 Ryan bought a new shirt with long sleeves to keep his arms warm.

  • spine [spaɪn] n. 

The spine is the bone that runs up and down the middle of the back.

 Our spine helps us to stand up nice and straight.

  • stain [steɪn] n. 

stain is a dirty mark that is difficult to clean.

 He had a red stain on the collar of his shirt.

  • strip [strɪp] n. 

strip is a long, narrow piece of material or land.

 He had long strips of film that held images of his trip abroad.

  • swear [swɛər] v. 

To swear means to promise to do something.

 I will put my hand on the Bible and swear to do my best for the country.

  • swing [swɪŋ] v. 

To swing something means to move it back and forth or from side to side.

 He can swing a golf club very powerfully.

  • utilize [ˈjuːtəlaiz] v. 

To utilize something means to use it for a specific purpose.

 They utilized a pair of scissors to cut the ribbon.

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