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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 2: Monkey Island

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 2: Monkey Island

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Word List

  • accident [ˈæksɪdənt] n. 

An accident is an unexpected undesirable event.

 She had to go to the hospital after she was in a serious car accident.

  • admiral [ˈædmərəl] n. 

An admiral is someone who controls many military ships.

 They won the sea battle because of the admiral’s great leadership.

  • arc [ɑːrk] n. 

An arc is a curved shape.

 A rainbow has the shape of an arc.

  • character [ˈkærɪktər] n. 

Your character is your personality.

 My sister’s character is fun and very outgoing.

  • conscience [ˈkɒnʃəns] n. 

Your conscience is your inner sense of what is right and wrong.

 I recycle everything I can, so my conscience is clear!

  • fiery [ˈfaɪərɪ] adj. 

If something is fiery, it is burning strongly.

 The fiery blaze burned all night long.

  • flesh [fleʃ] n. 

Flesh is the skin, muscle and fat on your body.

 The zebra’s flesh has black and white stripes.

  • grapefruit [ˈgreɪpfruːt] n. 

grapefruit is a fruit similar to an orange, but bigger and not as sweet.

 Would you like a grapefruit with your breakfast?

  • hay [heɪ] n. 

Hay is dry grass used to feed animals or used as a covering.

 I need to buy some more hay for the horse to sleep on.

  • horrified [ˈhɔ:rəˌfaɪd] adj. 

If you are horrified, you are very shocked and feel upset.

 I was horrified when I read about the old lady who was attacked.

  • kerosene [ˈkerəsiːn] n. 

Kerosene is a type of oil. It is used in some lamps and stoves.

 Many people in poor countries cook on kerosene stoves.

  • loop [luːp] n. 

loop is a line made into the shape of a circle.

 He made a loop with the rope and placed it over the post.

  • paddle [ˈpædl] n. 

paddle is a piece of wood or plastic that moves a boat across water.

 We need a paddle to help us move across the water.

  • raft [ræft] n. 

raft is a floating platform made from pieces of wood tied together.

 The man made a raft out of bamboo and floated out to sea.

  • sour [ˈsauə:r] adj. 

When something is sour, it has a sharp and unpleasant taste.

 I don’t like lemons because I think they are too sour.

  • stake [steɪk] n. 

stake is a small, sharp piece of wood or metal that is put into the ground.

 We marked our property by placing stakes into the ground.

  • steward [ˈstjuːərd] n. 

steward is a person like a waiter who serves food on planes and ships.

 The steward is bringing some tea.

  • string [strɪŋ] n. 

String is a thin piece of fabric or rope.

 I found a large ball of string.

  • thorn [θɔːrn] n. 

thorn is a sharp part of a plant.

 Be careful of the thorns when you pick the roses!

  • wreck [rek] v. 

To wreck something means to destroy or ruin it.

 The teenagers wrecked the house for no reason at all.

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