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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 5: The Magic Computer

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 5: The Magic Computer

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Word List

  • awhile [əˈwaɪl] adv. 

If you do something awhile, you do it for a short time.

 Wait here awhile, and I’ll bring some tea.

  • cyberspace [ˈsaɪbərspeɪs] n. 

Cyberspace is the imaginary place of the Internet where activities occur.

 I didn’t receive your email. It probably got lost in cyberspace.

  • edit [ˈedɪt] v. 

To edit means to correct a piece of writing so that it is suitable to be published.

 She asked her brother to edit her paper before she submitted it to her teacher.

  • essay [ˈeseɪ] n. 

An essay is a short piece of writing on a certain subject.

 She had to write a two-page essay for her English class.

  • evaluate [iˈvӕljueit] v. 

To evaluate something means to study it, so a decision can be made.

 Joe and Ken evaluated the plan and agreed that it would work.

  • faint [feɪnt] v. 

To faint means to go unconscious and fall down.

 Carol fainted because she hadn’t eaten in over a day.

  • global [ˈgloubəl] adj. 

If something is global, it happens all around the world.

 Pollution is a global problem.

  • gymnasium [dʒɪmˈneɪzɪəm] n. 

gymnasium is a building with equipment that you can use to get exercise.

 When I go to the gymnasium, I use the treadmill for 20 minutes.

  • highlight [ˈhaɪlaɪt] v. 

To highlight something means to mark it with a color so that it is easy to see.

  I read my vocabulary list and highlighted the most difficult words.

  • ignorant [ˈɪgnərənt] adj. 

If someone is ignorant about something, they have no knowledge about it.

  I’m a bit ignorant about his theories. Can you explain them to me?

  • index [ˈɪndeks] n. 

An index is a list of words at the end of a book that gives information.

 If you look in the index, you’ll find the right page number.

  • lecture [ˈlektʃə:r] n. 

lecture is a long, educational speech.

 His lecture on world hunger was very informative.

  • moral [ˈmɔ(:)rəl] n. 

moral is a message at the end of a story that teaches you something.

 At the end of the story, Mother explained the moral to the children.

  • operate [ˈɒpəreɪt] v. 

To operate means to work or function.

 I’m sorry, but the trains are not operating today.

  • private [ˈpraɪvɪt] adj. 

If something is private, it is only used by one person or group.

 Don’t look at my diary! It’s private!

  • recent [ˈriːsənt] adj. 

When something is recent, it happened a short time ago.

 I did not know what caused his recent behavior.

  • resolution [ˌrezəˈluːʃən] n. 

resolution is a personal decision.

 At New Year, I made a list of resolutions to help me have a better year.

  • semester [sɪˈmestər] n. 

semester is a portion of a school year.

 Jack is in his second semester of college.

  • typewritten [ˈtaɪpˌrɪtn] adj. 

If something is typewritten, it is written on a computer or typewriter.

 This is an important, formal project and must be typewritten.

  • weird [wiə:rd] adj. 

When something is weird, it is very strange.

 My best friend’s dad is a bit weird.

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