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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 6: Jack Frost and the Pudding

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 6: Jack Frost and the Pudding

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Word List

  • absolute [ˈæbsəluːt] adj. 

If something is absolute, it is total or complete.

 My presentation was an absolute disaster! It was terrible!

  • alas [əˈlæs] int. 

Alas is a word that people say when something bad happens.

 I looked everywhere for my purse, but alas, I couldn’t find it.

  • attentive [əˈtentɪv] adj. 

If you are attentive, you are careful and you pay attention.

 He is a good student because he is attentive to every detail on his work.

  • cape [keɪp] n. 

cape is a large cloth that covers one’s back and is tied around the neck.

 The superhero wore a long red cape.

  • envision [ɪnˈvɪʒən] v. 

To envision something means to imagine that it may happen.

 I can envision my mom’s face when I give her this present!

  • evenly [ˈiːvənlɪ] adv. 

When something happens evenly, it happens at the same rate or level.

 The food was handed out evenly among the hungry people.

  • folk [fouk] n. 

Folk are common or average people.

 I’ve invited all the folks from our street to a gathering at my place.

  • melt [melt] v. 

To melt means to turn from a solid to a liquid.

 The snowman that we made yesterday melted in the sun.

  • patch [pætʃ] n. 

patch is a part of a surface that is different in appearance from the rest.

 There was one small patch of grass in the sand-covered desert.

  • pleasure [ˈpleʒər] n. 

Pleasure is a feeling of happiness.

 The student smiled with pleasure when she received the prize.

  • pop [pop] n. 

pop is a short, loud sound.

 I heard a loud pop; then my computer screen shattered.

  • pudding [ˈpudiŋ] n. 

pudding is a sweet dessert.

 Would you like some chocolate pudding and coffee for dessert?

  • rail [reɪl] n. 

rail is a horizontal bar made of metal or wood.

 The cat was sitting on the rail of the fence.

  • recipe [ˈresəpi:] n. 

recipe is a set of instructions to make food.

 The apple cake that you made is really tasty. Can I have the recipe, please?

  • role [roul] n. 

role is the normal purpose or function of a person or thing.

 My role at work is to check the quality of the products.

  • shrink [ʃriŋk] v. 

To shrink means to get smaller.

 If you stick to a healthy diet, your stomach will shrink!

  • soak [souk] v. 

To soak something means to make it very wet.

 You need to soak these beans overnight before you cook them.

  • spark [spɑːrk] n. 

spark is a small, quick flash of fire.

 As he welded the two pieces of metal together, sparks flew everywhere.

  • spirit [ˈspirit] n. 

spirit is someone’s feelings and personality, but not a physical body part.

 He has a very outgoing spirit. He can make friends with anyone.

  • suit [suːt] n. 

suit is a set of clothes. It usually includes a jacket with pants or a skirt.

 I wore my new suit on my date with Melissa.

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