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4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 4: The Tricky Fox

4000 Essential English Words 4 Unit 4: The Tricky Fox

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Word List

  • beak [beak] n. 

beak is the hard curved part of a bird’s mouth.

 The bird used her beak to dig a small hole in the ground.

  • damp [dæmp] adj. 

If something is damp, it is somewhat wet.

 My hair is still damp from my shower.

  • disapprove [disəˈpruːv] v. 

To disapprove of something is to think that it is wrong.

 Alex, disapproved of his son’s behavior.

  • except [ɪkˈsept] prep. 

You use except to talk about the only thing that a statement does not apply to.

 Everyone had fun on the trip except Jim, who felt ill the whole time.

  • flight [flaɪt] n. 

flight is an act of flying, often in an airplane.

 The airplane made a flight around the world.

  • fond [fɒnd] adj. 

When someone is fond of something, they like it.

 I am very fond of chocolate cake.

  • immoral [ɪˈmɔ(:)rəl] adj. 

When something or someone is immoral, they are evil or do bad things.

 Stealing money from one’s mother is an immoral act.

  • ivy [ˈaivi] n. 

Ivy is a plant with long vines that grows upward typically on walls.

 The walls of the castle are covered with ivy.

  • moan [moun] v. 

To moan is to make a low sound when feeling pain or sadness.

 The sick man moaned from his bed.

  • oblivious [əˈblɪvɪəs] adj. 

If someone is oblivious of something, they are unaware of it.

 I was late to school because I was oblivious of the time.

  • perish [ˈperɪʃ] v. 

To perish means to die, usually because of bad conditions or bad events.

 Many people perish in wars.

  • pit [pit] n. 

pit is a big hole in the ground.

 Michael fell into the pit and needed some help to get out.

  • rim [rim] n. 

The rim is the outside edge of a round thing, like a cup or bottle.

 I put my lips to the rim of the bottle and took a drink.

  • roost [ruːst] n. 

roost is a place where birds can land and rest or sleep.

 The family of doves made a roost at the top of the tree.

  • slippery [ˈslɪpərɪ] adj. 

If something is slippery, it is wet or smooth and causes people to slip.

 The repairman fell down on the floor because it was too slippery.

  • soar [sɔːr] v. 

To soar means to fly high in the air.

 As the sun rose, two eagles soared through the sky.

  • trivial [ˈtrɪvɪəl] adj. 

If something is trivial, it is not important or meaningful.

 Television is trivial, but learning to read is very important.

  • typical [ˈtɪpɪkəl] adj. 

If something is typical, it is normal for a certain type of thing.

 Barking is typical behavior for dogs.

  • utterly [ˈʌtəlɪ] adv. 

If something is utterly a way, it is completely that way.

 When the sun was blocked by the moon, it was utterly dark outside.

  • weep [wiːp] v. 

To weep means to cry.

 My sister told me the dramatic movie would make me weep.

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