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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 11: Dinosaur Drawings

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 11: Dinosaur Drawings

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Word List

  • admission [ədˈmɪʃən] n.
    Admission is the act of allowing to enter a place.
    The admission ticket to the movie was $5.
  • astronomy [əsˈtrɒnəmɪ] n.
    Astronomy is the study of the stars and planets.
    Harold loved watching the stars, so he decided to study astronomy.
  • blame [bleɪm] v.
    To blame someone for something bad is to say they did it.
    My mom blamed me for something I didn’t do.
  • chemistry [ˈkemɪstrɪ] n.
    Chemistry the study of and reaction to substances.
    In chemistry class, the professor taught us about chemical reactions.
  • despite [dɪsˈpaɪt] prep.
    If something happens despite what you do, it happens anyway.
    We still played the game despite the cold weather.
  • dinosaur [ˈdaɪnəsɔːr] n.
    A dinosaur is a very big animal that lived millions of years ago.
    I like to see the dinosaur bones at the museum.
  • exhibit [ɪgˈzɪbɪt] n.
    An exhibit is a display of interesting things.
    There was an animal exhibit at the fair.
  • fame [feɪm] n.
    Fame is reputation one has gained among the public.
    He had fame and fortune, but he was not happy.
  • forecast [ˈfɔrˌkæst] n.
    A forecast is an idea about what the weather will be like in the future.
    The forecast says that it will rain all week.
  • genius [ˈdʒiːnjəs] n.
    A genius is a very smart person.
    Since she was a genius, she easily passed all of her school exams.
  • gentle [ˈdʒentl] adj.
    Someone who is gentle is kind and calm.
    He is very gentle with the baby.
  • geography [dʒɪˈɒgrəfɪ] n.
    Geography is the study of where things are.
    I had to draw a map for geography
  • interfere [ˌɪntəˈfɪər] v.
    To interfere is to cause problems and keep something from happening.
    My little sister always interferes when I’m trying to study.
  • lightly [ˈlaɪtlɪ] adv.
    To do something lightly is to not push very hard.
    Draw lightly so you do not tear your paper.
  • principal [ˈprɪnsəpəl] n.
    A principal is a person in charge of a school.
    My school’s principal can be very strict with the rules.
  • row [rou] n.
    A row is a line of things.
    James put all of his toy soldiers into neat rows.
  • shelf [ʃelf] n.
    A shelf is a place on a wall where you put things.
    I keep my clothes on a shelf in my closet.
  • spite [spaɪt] n.
    If you do something out of spite, you want to be mean.
    He snuck into his sister’s room and stole her bag out of spite.
  • super [ˈsuːpər] adj.
    Super means really good.
    My dad said I did a super Job cleaning the house.
  • wet [wet] adj.
    If something is wet, it has water on it.
    Since my dog was wet, he tried to shake all the water off his body.

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