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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 14: The Good Student

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 14: The Good Student

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Word List

  • apparent [əˈpærənt] adj.
    If something is apparent, it is easy to see.
    Her happiness was apparent from the smile on her face.
  • blind [blaɪnd] adj.
    When people are blind, they cannot see.
    The blind man didn’t see the hole and almost fell in.
  • calculate [ˈkælkjəleɪt] v.
    To calculate is to find an answer using math.
    I calculated how much money I would need to buy the car.
  • chat [tʃæt] v.
    To chat is to talk with someone.
    Even though they were far apart, the couple chatted every day.
  • commit [kəˈmɪt] v.
    To commit to something is to promise to do it.
    Seth wanted to go home, but he had committed to finishing the job.
  • compose [kəmˈpəʊz] v.
    To compose something is to make it from smaller parts.
    Tonya composed her report using many sources of information.
  • dormitory [ˈdɔːrmətɔ:rɪ] n.
    A dormitory is a school building where students live.
    I will move into the dormitory at the beginning of the school year.
  • exhaust [ɪgˈzɔːst] v.
    To exhaust someone is to make them tired.
    John exhausted himself by swimming all day.
  • greenhouse [ˈgriːnhaʊs] n.
    A greenhouse is a small glass building that is used to grow plants.
    We have a small greenhouse in our backyard where we grow plants.
  • ignore [ɪgˈnɔːr] v.
    To ignore something is to act like you do not see or hear it.
    I ignored the message he was making and kept studying.
  • obvious [ˈɒbvɪəs] adj.
    If something is obvious, it is clear and easily seen.
    It was obvious that he was tired. He kept falling asleep.
  • physics [ˈfɪzɪks] n.
    Physics is a science that deals with energy and how it affects things.
    In physics class, we used Newton’s Cradle to learn about energy.
  • portion [ˈpɔːrʃən] n.
    A portion of something is a part of it.
    I only ate a small portion of the pizza.
  • remind [rɪˈmaɪnd] v.
    To remind someone is to tell them to remember to do something.
    Nick’s dad reminded him to do his homework.
  • secretary [ˈsekrəterɪ] n.
    A secretary is a person who works in an office.
    Rebecca asked her secretary to type a report.
  • severe [sɪˈvɪə:r] adj.
    If something is severe, it is very bad or serious.
    After hitting his hand with the hammer, Sam was in severe
  • talent [ˈtælənt] n.
    If someone has a talent, they are naturally able to do it well.
    Maria has a talent for playing the piano.
  • thesis [ˈθiːsɪs] n.
    A thesis is an idea that needs to be proved.
    She did not support her thesis very well.
  • uniform [ˈjuːnəfɔːrm] n.
    A uniform is a piece of clothing worn by people of the same group.
    All the members of our marching band wear matching uniforms.
  • vision [ˈvɪʒən] n.
    Vision is the act of seeing.
    The eye doctor tested my vision.

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