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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 27: The Earl of Shining

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 27: The Earl of Shining

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Word List

  • analogy [əˈnælədʒi] n. 

An analogy is a connection made between things to show that they are similar.

 The doctor made an analogy between the human heart and a water pump.

  • ancestry [ˈænsestri] n. 

A person’s ancestry is the series of people from whom a person descended.

 We studied our ancestry and found out that we are related to royalty.

  • archer [ˈɑːrtʃər] n. 

An archer is a person who uses a bow and arrows.

 The expert archer hit the target every time.

  • conspiracy [kənˈspirəsi] n. 

conspiracy is a secret plan made by a group of people to do something illegal.

 Some people think that there was a conspiracy to kill American president John Kennedy.

  • deputy [ˈdepjəti] n. 

deputy is the second-highest-ranking person in a business or government.

 While the sheriff was ill, the deputy took over his duties.

  • earl [əːrl] n. 

An earl is a nobleman from Britain.

 The Earl of Canterbury lived in a huge mansion.

  • fragrant [ˈfreigrənt] adj. 

When something is fragrant, it has a pleasant smell.

 The girl picked delicious berries and fragrant flowers.

  • funnel [ˈfʌnl] n. 

funnel is an object with a wide top and a narrow bottom for pouring liquids.

 The worker used a funnel when he poured the oil into the engine.

  • hereditary [hiˈredəˌteri] adj. 

If something is hereditary, it is a trait passed onto children from their parents.

 The hereditary disease affected three generations of children.

  • hymn [him] n. 

hymn is a religious song that often praises a god.

 The book was filled with hymns that the worshippers sang.

  • invert [inˈvəːrt] v. 

To invert something means to turn it upside down.

 He inverted the bicycle to make repairs on the wheels.

  • prey [prei] n. 

Prey is the animals that are hunted and eaten by another creature.

 The lion ran as fast as he could to catch his prey.

  • procession [prəˈseʃən] n. 

procession is a group of people who walk or drive in a line during a public event.

 The procession all celebrated when they reached the end.

  • prophet [ˈprɒfit] n. 

prophet is a person chosen by a god to give the god’s message to people.

 Harold believed that he was one of the prophets of his god.

  • sarcastic [sɑːrˈkæstik] adj. 

When something is sarcastic, it is the opposite of what is actually meant.

 She hurt her mother’s feelings with her constant sarcastic remarks.

  • seasoning [ˈsiːzəniŋ] n. 

Seasoning is a mix of salt, herbs, and spices that improves the taste of food.

 This steak tastes bland. Maybe I’ll add some seasoning to it.

  • sodium [ˈsoudiəm] n. 

Sodium is an element that can be used to make substances such as salt.

 Sodium and chloride combine to make table salt.

  • tyranny [ˈtirəni] n. 

tyranny is a cruel and unfair government in which one person has power.

 His tyranny was impossible to live under.

  • tyrant [ˈtaiərənt] n. 

tyrant is someone who treats people in a cruel, harsh, and unfair way.

 Our boss is a tyrant. He makes us work long hours for little pay.

  • vinegar [ˈvinigər] n. 

Vinegar is a strong liquid made from sour wine that is used in cooking.

 Be careful because too much vinegar will ruin the recipe.

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