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4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 30: The Mad Hatter

4000 Essential English Words 6 Unit 30: The Mad Hatter

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Word List

  • amber [ˈæmbər] n. 

Amber is a hard, yellowish material that comes from trees.

 The necklace was made from pieces of amber.

  • charcoal [ˈtʃɑːrkoul] n. 

Charcoal is a black material that is used as fuel for fire.

 There was burnt charcoal left on the ground from an old fire.

  • columnist [ˈkɒləmnist] n. 

columnist is a writer who creates articles about a particular subject.

 The columnist won praise for his articles about life on the farm.

  • courteous [ˈkəːrtiəs] adj. 

When someone is courteous, they are polite and respectful.

 The mother asked her family to be courteous to their guests.

  • credentials [kriˈdenʃəlz] n. 

Credentials are the proof of someone’s experience or ability to do something.

 The mechanic hung his credentials on his office wall.

  • cricket [ˈkrikit] n. 

cricket is an insect that makes loud noises, usually at night.

 In the country, we could see the stars and hear the crickets at night.

  • delta [ˈdeltə] n. 

delta is flat area where a river splits into smaller rivers that flow into the sea.

 The archeologists found many ancient materials in the delta of the Nile River.

  • detergent [diˈtəːrdʒənt] n. 

Detergent is soap that is used to clean clothes or dishes.

 My brother added too much detergent to the wash, and bubbles got all over the floor.

  • euphemism [ˈjuːfəmizəm] n. 

euphemism is a term that is used in place of a mean or unpleasant word.

 “Window maintenance officer” is a euphemism for a window washer.

  • expire [iksˈpaiər] v. 

To expire is to no longer be effective because its use has come to an end.

 The man’s driver’s license was going to expire in two days.

  • granite [ˈgrænit] n. 

Granite is a very hard type of rock that is often black or pink.

 The kitchen counter was made of granite.

  • gravel [ˈgrævəl] n. 

Gravel is a combination of small stones mixed with sand.

 The ground around the swing set was covered with gravel.

  • haunt [hɔːnt] v. 

To haunt is to cause problems or negative thoughts over a long period of time.

 His thoughts about his scary dream haunted him for weeks.

  • liberal [ˈlibərəl] adj. 

When someone is liberal, they accept different ideas and people.

 My grandparents aren’t as liberal as my parents.

  • maze [meiz] n. 

maze is a system of paths that is complicated and easy to get lost in.

 We got lost in the maze in the garden.

  • moss [mɔ(:)s] n. 

Moss is a small green or yellow plant that grows on wet dirt, rocks, or tree trunks.

 Be careful not to slip on the moss that’s covering those rocks.

  • pebble [ˈpebəl] n. 

pebble is a small, round stone.

 We threw pebbles into the lake to make the water splash.

  • peck [pek] v. 

When a bird pecks, it bites or hits something with its beak.

 The birds pecked at the seeds on the ground.

  • reservoir [ˈrezərvwɑːr] n. 

reservoir is a place for storing water for a town to use.

 If it doesn’t rain soon, the reservoir is going to dry up completely.

  • streak [striːk] n. 

streak is a long, thin mark that is easy to see.

 Her hair was brown except for a streak which she dyed blonde.

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