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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 15: The Lucky Knife

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 15: The Lucky Knife

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Word List

  • absorb [əbˈzɔːrb] v.
    To absorb a liquid means to take it inside.
    He used a sponge to absorb the water on the floor.
  • boss [bɔ(:)s] n.
    A boss is a person in charge of other people at work.
    My boss is a nice person.
  • committee [kəˈmɪtɪ] n.
    A committee is a group of people who meet together to make decisions.
    The school’s committee agreed on a new dress code for students.
  • contract [ˈkɒntrækt] n.
    A contract is a written agreement between two people.
    The woman signed a contract when she bought the house.
  • crew [kruː] n.
    A crew is a group of workers.
    My father has a crew. They help him build houses.
  • devote [dɪˈvəʊt] v.
    To devote time to something means to spend a lot of time doing it.
    She devotes two hours a day to playing the piano.
  • dig [dɪg] v.
    To dig is to make a hole in the ground.
    My dog digs in the yard so he can hide his bones.
  • dine [daɪn] v.
    To dine means to eat dinner.
    The young couple dined at their home.
  • donate [ˈdouneit] v.
    To donate is to give something to a charity or organization.
    We donate money to Christmas charities every year.
  • double [ˈdʌbəl] adj.
    If something is double, it is twice as much, or twice as many.
    I paid almost double the amount for that shirt.
  • elevate [ˈeləveɪt] v.
    To elevate something is to put it at a higher level.
    The man elevated the picture so he could see it better.
  • flavor [ˈfleivər] n.
    A flavor is the taste of food or drinks.
    The flavor of the ice cream was very good.
  • foundation [faʊnˈdeɪʃən] n.
    A foundation is a group that provides money for research.
    The foundation raised money to give scholarships to students.
  • generation [ˌdʒenəˈreɪʃən] n.
    A generation is a group of people who live at the same time.
    My grandparents are from a different generation than me.
  • handle [ˈhændl] n.
    A handle is the part of an object people hold while using it.
    The pot is very hot. So pick it up by the handle.
  • layer [ˈleɪə:r] n.
    A layer covers over something or is between two things.
    There was a layer of snow on the tops of the houses this morning.
  • mud [mʌd] n.
    Mud is soft, wet dirt.
    My brother played rugby in the mud. Now he’s dirty.
  • smooth [smuːð] a.
    If something is smooth, it has no bumps.
    The baby’s skin felt very smooth.
  • soil [sɔɪl] n.
    Soil is the top layer of land on the Earth.
    The boy planted flowers in the soil and watered them every day.
  • unique [juːˈniːk] adj.
    If people or things are unique, they are not like the others.
    Her dog is unique. I’ve never seen one quite like it

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