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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 18: The Priest

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 18: The Priest

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Word List

  • ability [əˈbiləti] n.
    Ability is the quality of a person being able to do something well.
    His swimming abilities let him cross the entire lake.
  • agriculture [ˈægrɪkʌltʃər] n.
    Agriculture is the growing of food and animals.
    The farmer studied agriculture in college.
  • cartoon [kɑːrˈtuːn] n.
    A cartoon is a funny drawing.
    Sometimes, people draw cartoons for the newspaper.
  • ceiling [ˈsiːlɪŋ] n.
    The ceiling is the top of a room.
    He painted the ceiling with a special roller.
  • convince [kənˈvɪns] v.
    To convince someone means to make them sure of something.
    She convinced me to buy the house.
  • curious [ˈkjʊərɪəs] adj.
    When you are curious about something, you want to know more about it.
    I opened up the clock because I was curious about how it worked.
  • delay [dɪˈleɪ] v.
    To delay means to wait to do something.
    I was delayed at the airport for over two hours.
  • diary [ˈdaɪərɪ] n.
    A diary is a book in which people write their personal experiences.
    I do not let anybody read my diary.
  • element [ˈeləmənt] n.
    An element of something is a particular part of it.
    Tackling an opponent is Johnny’s favorite element of American footbal.
  • faith [feɪθ] n.
    When people have faith in something, they believe in it and trust it.
    The sick girl had faith in doctors. She knew they would make her better.
  • grain [greɪn] n.
    Grain is food crops such as wheat, corn, rice or oats.
    The farmer planted two fields of grain this year.
  • greet [griːt] v.
    To greet someone means to meet and welcome them.
    When my friend came over, I greeted him at the door.
  • investigate [ɪnˈvestəgeɪt] v.
    To investigate means to search for something or learn about it.
    The detective went to investigate the crime.
  • joy [dʒɔɪ] n.
    Joy is a feeling you get when you are really happy.
    I love baseball. I feel joy when I play.
  • label [ˈleɪ bəl] n.
    A label is a tag that tells about something.
    The label on the back of your shirt will tell you what size it is.
  • monk [mʌŋk] n.
    A monk is a religious person who lives a simple life.
    The monks knew a lot about religion.
  • odd [ɒd] adj.
    When something is odd, it is unusual.
    Her cat is odd. It walks on two feet.
  • pause [pɔːz] v.
    To pause means to stop doing something for a while.
    Since she was so hungry, she paused to make a snack.
  • priest [priːst] n.
    A priest is a person trained to perform religious duties.
    The priest taught us about God.
  • profession [prəˈfeʃən] n.
    A profession is a person’s job.
    He loved sailing, so he chose to work on ships as a profession

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