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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 16: Prince Sam

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 16: Prince Sam

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Word List

  • chamber [ˈtʃeɪmbər] n.
    A chamber is an old word for a bedroom.
    The girl was tired. She went to her chamber for a nap.
  • deny [dɪˈnaɪ] v.
    To deny something is to say it is not true.
    The boy denied that he broke the window.
  • document [ˈdokjəmənt] n.
    A document is an official piece of writing.
    He was given an official document proving he was a citizen.
  • emphasize [ˈemfəsaɪz] v.
    To emphasize is to give importance or attention to something.
    She emphasized the key points by circling them in red ink.
  • fever [ˈfiːvər] n.
    A fever is a high body temperature that people get when they are sick.
    Lydia had a high fever so she didn’t go to school.
  • flu [flu:] n.
    The flu is a type of sickness that makes you feel weak or your body hurt.
    Since he had the flu, he felt miserable.
  • freeze [fri:z] v.
    To freeze is to become very cold.
    If you don’t wear your coat in winter, you will freeze.
  • gesture [ˈdʒestʃər] n.
    A gesture is a movement of the hands or body.
    My teacher makes a lot of gestures when she speaks.
  • interrupt [ˌɪntəˈrʌpt] v.
    To interrupt is to briefly stop someone when they are doing something.
    My mother interrupted me when I was trying to listen to music.
  • last [læst] v.
    To last is to continue or go on for an amount of time.
    The football match lasted for nearly two hours.
  • likeness [ˈlaɪknɪs] n.
    Likeness means the state of being like, or resemblance.
    Michelle bears a strong likeness to her older sister Kate.
  • moreover [mɔːˈrəʊvər] adv.
    Moreover means besides or in addition to something.
    It’s cold outside. Moreover, the wind is very strong.
  • perspective [pə:rspektɪv] n.
    A perspective is the way you think about something.
    The man’s speech gave me a new perspective on our country.
  • rational [ˈræʃənl] adj.
    When something is rational, it is normal or practical.
    It is hard to think in a rational way when you are scared.
  • recover [rɪˈkʌvə:r] v.
    To recover is to go back to normal after something bad happens.
    I hope the city will recover soon after the flood.
  • rely [rɪˈlaɪ] v.
    To rely on something or someone is to trust or depend on them.
    The boy relied on his older brother to help him.
  • shock [ʃɒk] v.
    To shock people is to surprise them.
    The man was shocked by the news.
  • shy [ʃaɪ] adj.
    When people are shy, they are nervous around people strange to them.
    The girl was too shy to try out for the play.
  • stare [stɛə:r] v.
    To stare at something is to look at it for a long time.
    The young couple stared into each other’s eyes.
  • thus [ðʌs] adv.
    Thus means as a result or for that reason.
    The sun was shining. Thus, I wore my sunglasses.

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