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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 13: The Cat and the Fox

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 13: The Cat and the Fox

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Word List

  • anxiety [æŋˈzaɪətɪ] n.
    When someone has anxiety, they have a lot of worries and fear.
    When I have to climb to high places, I’m filled with anxiety.
  • army [ˈɑːrmɪ] n.
    An army is a large group of people who fight in wars.
    The army protects all the people in the country.
  • billion [ˈbɪljən] n.
    A billion is a very large number: 1,000,000,000.
    There are billions of stars in outer space.
  • carve [kɑːrv] v.
    To carve means to cut into something.
    My father usually carves the turkey for Thanksgiving.
  • consult [kənˈsʌlt] v.
    To consult someone means to ask them for help.
    I will consult my accountant to find a way to pay for my bills.
  • emergency [ɪˈməːrdʒənsɪ] n.
    An emergency is a time when someone needs help right away.
    There is a huge fire in my house! This is an emergency!
  • fortune [ˈfɔːrtʃən] n.
    When someone has good fortune, it means they have luck.
    I have good fortune when I play cards.
  • guarantee [ˌgærənˈtiː] v.
    To guarantee means to know something will happen.
    I guarantee that the sun will come up in the morning.
  • hike [haɪk] v.
    To hike means to walk in the mountains or forest.
    I always bring plenty of equipment with me when I hike.
  • initial [ɪˈnɪʃəl] adj.
    When something is initial, it is the first thing.
    The initial step when writing a paper is to find a good topic.
  • intense [ɪnˈtens] adj.
    If something is intense, it is very strong.
    The skunk made an intense odor that filled the air.
  • lend [lend] v.
    To lend something is to give it to someone for a short time.
    My sister lost her pen, so I will lend her mine.
  • peak [piːk] n.
    The peak is the very top of a mountain.
    There is snow on the peaks of those mountains.
  • potential [pəˈtenʃəl] adj.
    Potential means capable of being but not yet in existence.
    I’ve thought of some potential problems with your idea.
  • pride [praɪd] n.
    When you have pride, you are happy with yourself.
    I take pride in getting good grades.
  • proof [pruːf] n.
    Proof is a fact that shows something is real.
    They used his fingerprint as proof for the crime he committed.
  • quit [kwɪt] v.
    To quit something means to stop doing it.
    I quit running because I got tired.
  • spin [spɪn] v.
    To spin is to turn around in circles.
    The boy kept spinning until he fell down.
  • tiny [ˈtaɪnɪ] adj.
    When people or things are tiny, they are very small.
    A baby’s hand is tiny.
  • tutor [ˈtjuːtər] n.
    A tutor is someone who gives lessons in a certain subject.
    My sister is bad at math. So my mother hired a tutor to help her.

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