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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 21: From the Earth to the Stars

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 21: From the Earth to the Stars

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Word List

  • astronaut [ˈæstrənɔːt] n.
    An astronaut is a person that goes into outer space.
    The astronaut was walking on the moon.
  • awake [əˈweɪk] adj.
    When you are awake, you are not asleep.
    Sometimes I lay awake in bed because I am not tired.
  • courage [ˈkə:rɪdʒ] n.
    When you have courage, you are not afraid.
    The man had the courage to touch the lion.
  • float [fləʊt] v.
    To float is to move on top of water without sinking.
    The boy’s toy boat floated in the pool.
  • grant [grænt] v.
    To grant something is to allow someone to have it.
    The teacher granted us a break after studying hard all day.
  • gravity [ˈgrӕvəti] n.
    Gravity is the force that makes things fall to Earth.
    There is no gravity in space.
  • jewel [ˈdʒuːəl] n.
    A jewel is a beautiful stone that is worth a lot of money.
    A diamond is one of the most expensive jewels in the world.
  • miner [ˈmaɪnər] n.
    A miner is a person who works in a mine.
    The miner was looking for gold.
  • mineral [ˈmɪnərəl] n.
    A mineral is a type of substance found in the Earth.
    Rocks are made up of different kinds of minerals.
  • participate [pɑ:rtɪsəpeɪt] v.
    To participate is to take part in something.
    The students participated in the school play.
  • permission [pə:rmɪʃən] n.
    Permission means the act of allowing the doing of something.
    I have permission to drive my mom’s car.
  • pour [pɔːr]
    To pour a liquid means to make it come out of a container.
    I poured some milk into my sister’s cup.
  • presence [ˈprɛzəns] n.
    Someone or something’s presence is the fact they are there.
    The presence of dark clouds meant it would rain.
  • raw [rɔː] adj.
    If a material is raw, it is natural and has not been processed.
    The company dumped raw sewage into the river.
  • satellite [ˈsætəlaɪt] n.
    A satellite is something that is sent into space to get information.
    The satellite was traveling around the earth.
  • scale [skeɪl] n.
    The scale of something is its size, especially when it is very large.
    I was surprised by the scale of the buildings in the downtown area.
  • skip [skɪp] v.
    To skip something is to not do it.
    He skipped work to get more sleep.
  • stretch [stretʃ] v.
    To stretch is to make your arms or legs reach out.
    She stretched her body before exercising.
  • telescope [ˈtɛləskoʊp] n.
    A telescope is a tool people use to look at the stars.
    With a telescope, you can see the moon and stars easily.
  • underground [ˈʌndəgraʊnd] adv.
    When something is underground, it is below the surface of the Earth.
    Subway trains travel underground.

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