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4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 8: Tricky Turtle

4000 Essential English Words 2 Unit 8: Tricky Turtle

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Word List

  • broad [brɔːd] adj.
    If something is broad, it is wide.
    The river is very long and broad.
  • bush [bʊʃ] n.
    A bush is a plant with many thin branches. It is smaller than a tree.
    My dad and I planted some small bushes around the house.
  • capable [ˈkeɪpəbəl] adj.
    If someone or something is capable of something, they can do it.
    The Olympic athlete is capable of lifting a lot of weight.
  • cheat [tʃiːt] v.
    To cheat is to be dishonest so that you can win or do well.
    They cheated on the test by sharing answers.
  • concentrate [ˈkɒnsəntreɪt] v.
    To concentrate on someone or something is to give your full attention.
    I could not concentrate on my homework because the room was so loud.
  • conclude [kənˈkluːd] v.
    To conclude is to arrive at a logical end by looking at evidence.
    I saw crumbs on my dog’s face, so I concluded that he ate my cookie.
  • confident [ˈkɒnfɪdənt] adj.
    Confident means that one believes they can do something without failing.
    She was confident she could climb the mountain due to her training.
  • considerable [kənˈsɪdərəbl] adj.
    If something is considerable, it is large in size, amount or extent.
    They paid a considerable amount of money for that car.
  • convey [kənˈveɪ] v.
    To convey is to communicate or make ideas known.
    That picture of a crying child conveys a feeling of sadness.
  • definite [ˈdɛf ə nɪt] adj.
    If something is definite, it is certain or sure to be true.
    There is a definite connection between hard work and success.
  • delight [dɪˈlaɪt] n.
    Delight is a feeling of being very happy with something.
    He felt such delight after getting a promotion at work.
  • destination [ˌdestɪˈneɪʃən] n.
    A destination is the place where someone or something is going to.
    The destination of this plane is Munich, Germany.
  • dictate [dɪkˈteɪt] v.
    To dictate something is to read it aloud so it can be written down.
    He dictated his speech so his secretary could write it down.
  • edge [edʒ] n.
    The edge of something is the part of it that is farthest from the center.
    He ran to the edge of the cliff.
  • path [pɑːθ] n.
    A path is a way from one place to another that people can walk along.
    We followed a path through the woods.
  • resort [rɪˈzɔːt] v.
    To resort to something is to depend on it in order to solve a problem.
    I hope they don’t resort to violence to end the argument.
  • shadow [ˈʃædəʊ] n.
    A shadow is the dark area that is made when something blocks light.
    The man’s shadow was taller than he was.
  • succeed [səkˈsiːd] v.
    To succeed is to complete something that you planned or tried to do.
    He will continue to work on the robot until he succeeds.
  • suspect [səsˈpekt] v.
    To suspect something is to believe that it is true.
    I suspect that those kids stole the money.
  • valley [ˈvælɪ] n.
    A valley is a low area of land between two mountains or hills.
    We looked at the valley below from the top of the mountain.

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